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Obligatory "Cat" thread


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I was in fact bringing back this topic but I guess someone beat me to it!  But yes indeed, kitty cats are in fact man's REAL best friend. 🙂  And always remember that a cat's place is in the home.  And of course be sure they are spayed or neutered, just so Bob Barker doesn't get mad at you.  And truly one of the most beautiful, loving things in this world is the special bound between a boy and his kitty cat...


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On 10/29/2019 at 7:53 AM, Winterion said:

The Internet is for cats.

Here's our own Zeldacat, original gato from the historic video gaming district of Clifton, VA.
She is a good and noble tortie with built-in sunbeam detection and cricket hunting skills.

She even recorded a speedrun for our channel! 



That cat totally looks like a ninja blending into the background. 

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Oh do they like to sit and watch you while you do stuff?  Mine does! 🙂  For example I was working on a puzzle a few days ago on the floor sitting criss cross applesauce (it was one of those big movie poster size puzzles from back in the day; look them up on Ebay) and kitty like usual liked to just sit there and watch 🙂

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