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Don’t @ me—Or, the “say whatever you want” thread


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This is a place for you to air your repressively stifled opinions with impunity.

We’re not here to argue, in fact the fundamental nature of this thread precludes argument. Don’t fucking @ me, dawg.

Cats are useless animals doted over by the emotionally isolated. 

America is the best damn country on the planet no matter who’s steering the ship.

Memes are not an identity. Get a personality.

You’re racist. Everybody knows it. Just admit it already, damn.

God is dead. And we killed him. How? We created him, duh.


Conservatives are evil. But they have god on their side and too many voters are theistic

Pineapple has no damn business on pizza

Nobody cares that you’re a vegan

Pat The NES Punk is okay

If you post something in this thread that gets you banned, you’re dumb

Don’t @ me



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Editorials Team · Posted

People from Idaho wish they were from Montana.  Or Oregon.  Or Washington.  Anywhere, really.

Cats are the devil.

Game Chasers deliver a great product.

If you love Tool or Radiohead or jazz or band ____, odds are better than average that you're a pretentious hipster d-bag that drives everyone in your circle of friends nuts.

Mushrooms are horrible.

American beer conquered the scene in the 21st century.  Fact.

Nintendo fans are mostly manchildren that spend most of their time crying about something related to Smash, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon.

People who spend all of their time playing and writing about a single console have serious mental issues 

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Moderator · Posted

U2 is a garbage band for people with garbage taste in music. 

You’re probably a bad driver, even if you don’t think so. 

Soccer is the worst. 

New “pop country” music is the worst music ever created by humans. 

Anyone strongly on the far side of either of the main parties in the US, is not nearly as smart, or right as they think they are. 

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Events Team · Posted

Ha, I like this idea. This is gonna be one hell of an entertaining thread.

cracks knuckles

Games that focus on story over gameplay can be just as good as games that focus on gameplay over story.

Remakes are oftentimes better than the originals, at least when it comes to video games.

The SNES is most definitely superior to the NES in just about every category (I mean for Christ's sake, it's literally called the SUPER Nintendo Entertainment System!) and the only reason so many people like the NES so much in the face of objectively superior consoles is due to nostalgia. (I'm expecting this one to be particularly unpopular 😛)

Most rap music is extremely overrated.

Death Metal is bordering on pure noise with no rhyme or reason, and I simply do not understand why so many people enjoy it.

Sports in general is extremely uninteresting to me, and I'll never understand why so many people are so in to it.

Patriotism (Not just talking about the US, but in general) does far more harm than good.

Digital-only games are fine (and, dare I say, are superior to physical games in some cases.)

Similarly, people who are worried that one day their digital games are going to poof out of existence are being extremely paranoid, and I've always found that argument against digital games extremely weak, especially with the advent of things like cloud saving.

Social media can be an amazing thing when utilized correctly.

Politics is one of the most horrid, cutthroat, mindless activities one can participate in, at least in it's current, modern day iteration.

No but seriously politics IS THE FUCKIN' WORST-... OK, I'll stop ragging on politics now, just... fuck do I hate it so damn much.

The older generations having a feud with the younger generations goes back several thousand years in human history. We're not so bad, so stop talking shit on us, you crusty old bastards!

You can engage in the festivities of Holidays like the 4th of July without needing to delve in to the more patriotic side of things. (That's what I do! Refer to my previous thoughts on patriotism 😛)

Summer is the worst season. By far. It's so goddamn hot... why did we as a society decide to make that the season in which we go out and do stuff? The fuck's wrong with Spring and Autumn, seasons with actually reasonable weather?!

Christmas is the best holiday and if you think otherwise you're just plain wrong, and/or a grouchy old asshole. It combines the best aspects of every other Holiday in to one.

Similarly, Winter is the best season. Sure it has it's downsides, especially for people who don't like cold weather, but there's much more to love than to dislike about the season. It's home to the best holiday, has weather that has the distinction of only occurring in and around this season in most parts of the world (snow) it's a time to celebrate, a time to visit friends and family, it's a season that fills kids with a sense of glee and wonder, and everyone feels just a little bit happier around Winter. And, I know this is a don't @ me thread, but tell me with a straight face that sitting in front of a fireplace, nice and cozy, during a cold winter night isn't the best feeling in the world. Plus it's the right time of year to down some fuckin' eggnog!

And, last but not least

Mental illness ain't no fuckin' joke you asswipes. I know this isn't a particularly unpopular opinion, and it isn't directed at most of you. I've just talked to some people who think people such as myself who are mentally ill are just a bunch of little snowflakes that have their feelings hurt too easily, and talking to people like that really makes my fucking blood boil (And not many things evoke that kind of reaction in me, trust me.)


Phew... man, that felt good to be able to just air out some of my opinions without feeling the need to explain myself. I might post some more later on if I can think of any, but that just about covers most of 'em I think.

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Editorials Team · Posted

Unlicensed games are not part of any console's fullset. Name a console that doesn't still have unlicensed games being made for it to this day. They can't possibly count.

I'll agree with everyone so far and say that political discussions are just people parroting their favorite news source, making fun of other people for parroting their favorite news source. And everyone, including me, thinks that THEY aren't like that.

Lots of handheld gaming consoles can be hooked up to a TV. It doesn't make them a home console. The Switch is a handheld, full stop.

People who pride themselves on their knowledge of Harry Potter, or other adolescent fiction books, are not intellectuals. They are the opposite of intellectuals.

Arya Stark looks like a man.

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Dogs are better than cats.

Today's country music is better than the old stuff.

Cincinnati style chili is greater than any other kind of chili.

Baseball is the best professional sport.

Nintendo hasn't made a decent console since the 1990s.

Movies are overrated. 

Spring is better than summer.

Ford is better than Chevy.

Social media is a waste of time.

Kentucky wishes it was Ohio.

Politics and religion are actually boring topics.

Opinions can be wrong.

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Friends is a sh!tty show. 

The big bang theory is a sh!tty show.

Golf is not a real sport. 

Nascar is not a real sport.

Football is the best sport. 

Anti-vaxers are idiots.

Anti-maskers are idiots. 

No one cares that you're a SJW. 

No one cares that you're gluten free.

Mushrooms don't belong on pizza.

Minecraft is not a real game. 

You consume far more sugar in a day than you think you do. 

Dogs > cats.

If you want to lose weight, don't consume 4000 calories a day. 

GoldenEye 007 is the worst FPS ever made. 


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Oof, I shouldn’t be here. I’ve got a lot of asshole opinions that I love to air.


Dogs are disgusting animals and don’t belong in a house. People that are obsessed with them (liking dogs isn’t a personality trait) are that way because they crave the constant validation that dogs give. 

Showering once a day is the minimum for what’s acceptable.

Dudes whose entire personality is cars and who mod their dumbass Civics or Subarus to hell and back are weirdos.

The fact that we allocate a portion of our land to growing honeydew melon and cantaloupe is a tragedy. The fact that we eat celery is the reason aliens won’t make formal contact.

Watching tv/keeping up with shows is just an unproductive of a hobby as video games.

Racists shouldn’t be allowed to raise children.

Modern Nintendo/Switch era fans can be some of the most annoying people in gaming. Their constant circlejerking (“wOw NiNtEndO dOeS iT aGaIn!”) is rivaled only by the PC Master Race.

While we’re talking about Nintendo, acting like Nintendo is the end all be all is annoying. There are other cool and interesting consoles too.

Tea isn’t good unless you doctor it up too much.

The sex scenes in The Witcher 3 are genuinely some of the cringiest things I’ve ever seen.

Using words like cuck and soyboy unironically is a signal that no one should take your opinions seriously.

People who think they’re holistic health gurus and judge other peoples’ bad habits (smoking, too much coffee, etc.) but can’t go a day without alcohol are idiots (I know this is specific, I have an ex-girlfriend that was this way).

I understand and recognize that college isn’t for everyone, but the people who think it’s useless or a waste of time and money are just insecure. I work with a lot of farmers in my field of work, and a lot of them think this way. So do a lot of contractors, mechanics, etc. These people genuinely think that the people who designed their tools, vehicles, etc. were just hardworking average Joes who pulled themselves up by the bootstraps and not some dudes with engineering degrees.


I know I have way more polarizing opinions I could post here, but for now that was cathartic.

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Events Helper · Posted

Game of thrones is the worst!  

Any comic book movie is not worth my time!  

That is all.

Oh, and Dogs are mans best friend and i dont need my dog to validate me 😛  lol.

My dog needs me to validate her 😊 🤗


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Switch is not a home console and SNES Classic Edition was Nintendo’s last home console.

Nintendo will never compete in the console market again.

Mario is a carryover from an extinct genre of gaming history.

PC Gaming is overrated.

N64 and PS1 are trash platforms.

Sega Genesis sounds like digital farts.



Vanilla Soy Latte is a three bean soup.

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The no "@" rule is really hard to resist breaking right now... So I'll just encode my disapproval.


The only way you can dislike this certain game is if you

Exist in a lackluster bubble of boredom.

This game is one of the best of all time and is the genre defining title for god's sake.

Really man? I mean really?

I can't believe you honestly feel that way about it.....

Shit....I failed the no @ rule @Gloves

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