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A disturbing new trend I've been seeing lately...

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Maybe it's just me but I've been seeing more people sell and buy sealed games that are clearly fake. Games with damage on the box and have clearly been re-wrapped. With all the hype going on with sealed games lately, no doubt people are trying to take advantage of this but what's even worse is people who have no idea what a legit sealed game looks like.

This is not good as now the prices are misleading. If someone looks up what past games have sold for on pricecharting/gamevaluenow it will say for example "Game XYZ New Factory Sealed RARE" - $799.99 and since ebay deletes listings after 90 days you will have no way to verify it was a real game.

Does anyone else get what I'm trying to say?

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What bugs me about buying sealed games is that you can't just look at slabbed games anymore.  It used to be that if a game on eBay was slabbed, that meant it was sealed, and that made it really easy for me to distinguish sealed games from non-sealed ones when I was looking to buy sealed stuff.  But now that WATA has come along and will slab anything on earth you ask them to, it's become ridiculous.  Oh hey Pro Wrestling slabbed for $700 - oh wait it's only CIB in fair condition, but somehow being entombed makes it worth an extra bajillion dollars?!?  And there's no way to know what the cart or manual or inserts look like either.  And then there's the loose games that are now being slabbed too - WTF is the point of that?????

Sorry for the rant, but I guess it's sort of on topic because it's the disturbing trend that I've been personally seeing lately...

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