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Treasure games plots were a beautiful, convoluted mess

Gary Hobbesworth

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This is the sort of thing I mean

It seems like it starts the game on the 3rd act, or like it's a sequel. And it's definitely not the only game like that. This is the original Japanese plot for Gunstar Heroes:


The world was nearing its end. An evil organization created the ultimate weapon, Golden Silver, the God of Ruin, to destroy countless cities on Earth from the moon. The Gunstars (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) seeing the Earth turn into a living hell before them and fueled by righteous anger, confronted the powerful Golden Silver. After a lengthy and arduous battle, they defeated the evil God of Ruin. To make sure he is never resurrected, they sealed his body on the moon and took the four gems that powered him, and sealed them away in separate areas on Earth. The exhausted Gunstars, having been pushed to their limits, prayed for a new civilization to arrive, and they began their long cryogenic sleep. All that is, except for one...

Time passed, and a new civilization was built on Earth. A legend was spread across the land; "Revive the God that sleeps on the moon, and he will guide the most righteous people to Utopia."

General Grey, the commander of the dictatorship calling themselves the "Empire", believed in this legend and attempted to carry it out. So, he sent people to the moon in a battleship called the "Ark", in order to mine for the gems that would call forth the God. It was then that the leader of the underground mining excursion, Dr. Brown, uncovered some capsules, in which the Gunstars were having their stasis.

Once they awakened, they learned of the Empire's plan to revive Golden Silver. Their companion, Green, whom they had remembered being with them until the very end, had lost his previous memories and was now assisting the Empire in the revival of the God of Ruin.

"We won't let such a tragedy happen again! We'll get back the gems and put a stop to the revival of Golden Silver!"

Once Dr. Brown heard the Gunstars' words, he decided to betray the Empire and promised to help the Gunstars in their battle.

Don't get me started on the Sin & Punishment games. I feel like I'd have to be on acid to get what's going on in those even after having beaten them. I'm not complaining about it, I love how much of an in-depth nonsensical storyline they tended to create for these straight action games, and it seems to have been a trend for the company. I know some of it was probably bungled in translation, but that doesn't change the fact that they seemed to like creating J.R.R. Tolkien levels of world-building.

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It’s funny looking back, when I was a young gamer, I used to read through the manuals from front to back and loved staring at all the pictures and screenshots. Now as an adult gamer/collector, I just want to jump straight into a game and not give a hoot about any plot or the lack of. Plots become all a blur to be honest, once you’ve played a lot of games to a certain point. 

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