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Finished up my Gamecube set....mostly!!!


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Hey all, I was at 440ish GameCube games about a year ago just through casual collecting. Only grabbing them when I came across them in the wild, plus a bunch of targets I grabbed from eBay, I thought were rare years ago and due to spike like Pokémon Big Box (under $100). I decided to get serious about finishing up the set and got the last CIB (Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury) I needed today, in person at a local store! I’m missing 2 manuals, Luigis Mansion and FIFA Street which I’ll grab shortly (pm if available). As for the rare multipacks, I only have the Resident Evil 10th anniversary and don’t really care about the others as I already have the individual games. I might grab them down the road if the price is right though. Below is a pic of everything, plus the list of the last 117 in order of when I got them, lower the number, the later I got them. Enjoy!

Also, how rare is the Karaoke Big Box? I can’t find anything online about it. 





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4 hours ago, GPX said:

@doner24, congrats! What would be the top few rarest games for this system? Which one did you spend the most on? 🙂

Well, the duo packs are known and rare. Personally some under the radar rares are that big box Karaoke game, Zatch Bell Mamodo Fury, Lost Kingdoms 2, Judge Dredd, Animaniacs, and Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (manual never pops up, always CB). There’s usually only 1 complete copy of those available at all times. 

Most I paid for a game I believe was Go Go Hypergrind recently at $150. I was lucky to get most of the expensive ones done years ago. 

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