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Picked up anather nes m82! (finish NTSC converstion with pic)

Nes Freak

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i got this to convert to ntsc (which will be reversible)  its a pal-b unit.  i noticed theres a few extra caps  on the buffer chips for the pal unit and the board is also much higher quality than the ntsc version.  im going to look in to getting those caps and see if placing them on the chips on the ntsc will fix the weird graphical issues on my other unit.


power supply is a 120v/240v  all i needed was a simple converter. plug.  i used a composite to hdmi device to convert the pal signal to digital signal.  it included all the games so ive tested and its working.  only issue i notice was the switch on the back wont respond with the timer on the custom asic chip.  i confirmed its a bad switch and have found an exact replacement on the internet to fix it with.

power supply will be replaced.  cpu, ppu, lock out chip, and crystal oscillator will be swapped out with a ntsc version.  these chips are already socketed so only soldering will be the crystal oscillator. the video amp modulator will also be replaced cause im not sure if those circuit are the same between pal and ntsc.


i think thats it.  i paid a ton for this!  dang taxes and import fees suck!


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converted to ntsc completed.  pal boards are much higher in quality btw  this is why i did pal instead of ntsc this time

instead of swapping the lock out chip i instead disabled it by putting another socket on top of the first one with the leg pulled out of the plastic so is not to damage the lock out chip.  i ended up breaking anather nes trying to get the ppu and cpu off with my crappy 20 dollar de soldering iron so i broke down and got a hakko desoldering iron.  i will never look back this thing is amazing!


best of all no glitches or issue its works perfectly.  interestingly enough the old power supply was failing on this unit too.  if you have an m82 i recommend you replace the power supply.  you wont regret it 😛



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