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Forgive my being dramatic, I’m just really jazzed this happened.

From the moment I first started collecting chiptune literally just two months ago, I knew some items on my wishlist would be difficult since so many of the earliest albums were long since out of print. But in trying to learn as much as possible about them, I occasionally stumble upon a nugget.

I was researching the early NES chiptune album Duck Tails by Puzzle Boys, better known as Chaz Buchanan. I found a thread right here on this forum that mentioned it. @Scrobins found an interview Chaz gave which I'd already read, mentioning that he was giving some of his limited run of 50 carts to two retro gaming shops in upstate New York to sell among their inventory. He took the long shot and emailed both. One responded, he had one copy left and he sold it to him.

So I was like.. genius! I emailed them both. One of them responded quickly and told me someone else recently got the last one. Ok, that's Scrobins' copy.


The other store never replied so I found that they had four locations, and I called them all. One of them had a copy left they would sell me! And it arrived today.



PS - Scrobins, hope it's not too creepy that I almost verbatim copied your post text - it just fit too perfectly 🙂

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