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"Nerdy Nights", but for GB and/or GBC?

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So, I was recently conversing with some friends, and I remembered the old "Nerdy Nights*" NES Assembly Language tutorials, and I know that m308gunner started a thread for ASM beginners and such — but I was wondering if anyone has thought about making something like Nerdy Nights, but specifically for the Game Boy/GBC Z80 ASM.

I started learning the NES 6502 ASM from NA's Nerdy Nights tutorials, but I actually like the Game Boy Color more because — video-wise — aside from its reduced picture resolution, I believe it to be superior to the NES (in a technical sense) in many ways. : )

The Game Boy Color has more colors** (thousands and thousands of them!), more palettes (16 total: 8 each for sprites and for background tiles) and better utilization of palette colors (no more shared Color 0 for Background tile palettes, and every 8×8 character can have its own palette instead of just every 16×16 tile).

If I actually knew any GB/GBC Z80 ASM, I'd start such a tutorial myself, but alas: I can barely use certain game engines' arbitrary scripting systems. ^^' Also, I know that GB Studio (which doesn't require coding) exists, but it'd still be cool to be able to code my own GB(C) game from scratch. : D

I know that a certain global situation has impacted many of us, but would anyone be interested in starting — or even be able to start — such a tutorial?

Just curious. : )

*Fun fact: I actually attempted to go to NintendoAge's forum today, and kept thinking that maybe I'd typed the URL wrong — because I kept getting redirected to some nearly-empty forum — but apparently, no! It simply no longer exists! ): Sad times. Also, why must I write my emoticons backward and/or add spaces between their characters to prevent them from being turned into emoji on this forum? ):< Grr!
**Not to mention that it uses RGB triplets instead of an analog, voltage-generated palette that no one can agree on the colors for: some people like the PAL NES's colors more; others (such as myself) prefer the look of the NTSC NES. And that's not even bringing up the fact that there's no way to make a perfect digital palette for emulators to use, either…

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