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Enix Dragon Warrior 2 contest

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I was looking through some of my old threads on Digital Press today. In an old Gamepro(late 1990 issue or Jan 1991) was a print ad advertising a contest for Dragon warrior 2. You had to complete the game and send in a "report card" about the game. The ad states " When you complete your quest in DW2 send us a photo of you next to the game's final screen, along with your written,detailed impressions of DW2 From Feb1991 continuing each month through May 1991, the 20 best write ups for each month will win one of the prizes shown above. In May 1991 the 24 players with the best"report cards" will each win a pre-release copy of Dragon warrior 3. Yada..yada..yada"
The prizes were:
1st(one winner) Statue of Gold Man
2nd(3 winners) A Jailers Key and Watergate Key from DW2
3rd(3 winners) A Gold and Silver Keys from DW2
4th(6 winners) A cloth map displaying the armor from Dragon Warrior 1,2,3
5th(6 winners) A cloth map displaying weapons from dragon warrior 1,2,3
What I want to know is:
1. Does anyone remember that contest and/or won a prize
2.Has anyone seen these prizes appear on Ebay or other collector forums for sale?

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Cool stuff. My first question would be, is this merchandise unique, or would they have just used already existing stuff from Japan? Looking at Yahoo, that looks like it was the case:


Jailer/Watergate keys sold:


Another one up for sale here:



Gold/silver keys sold:




Gold Man:

Looks like this is more common. There's a bunch of different gold men, but you can see this one by including "1990" in the search:




I don't see these, but maybe I didn't use the right search term.



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