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Rare Gameboy Test Cartridge


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After many time posting on Nintendo Age Forum, this is my first post here. This time I'm selling a GameBoy Test Cartridge. It just have a little scratch on top of the cartridge (see the pics below). 

I'm asking $1100 for this piece of Nintendo but I'm open to hear any offer. 

  • Paypal
  • Free Shipping with DHL including insurance.


  • The last month I sent a VGA 80+ Darkwing Duck to UK and other sealed games to US. 🤠
  • IG account: @latingames

Here is a video in case you're wondering what is this: YouTube: EXTREMELY Rare GameBoy Test Cartridge 














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Hello everyone,

I'm excited to announce that the Japanese version of the Nintendo GameBoy Test Cartridge is still available for sale. I'm currently asking for $2,500, but I'm open to considering any offers you might have.

Payment via PayPal
Free shipping with DHL, insurance included
If you're interested, please feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram at @latingames.

Check out the latest pictures here:










Edwin / Latingames

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Hey there! It’s something I’d probably question too, which is why I'm all for transparency here. Just to give a bit more context, this isn’t just any Gameboy test cartridge. These were never meant for the public eye; they’re pieces of history from the '90s. This particular one even has a personal backstory—it belonged to the father of a friend, who worked for Nintendo back in the day. Not only it’s a truly a unique slice of gaming history but it also fully works. 

Given all that, it's not about cashing in, but honoring the rarity and the story behind it. Since 2020, the effort and costs to preserve such treasures have only gone up. I’m aiming for a balance that’s fair, respecting the item's heritage and ensuring it finds a home with someone who appreciates its special value as much as we do. 

I get where you're coming from, and I’m open to offers. It’s all about finding it a home where it will be valued and appreciated for its uniqueness and working condition.

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54 minutes ago, DeterioratingBrains said:

"Blahblahblah my father worked in Nintendo."

"R@RER IN 2023 THAN 2020"

No photo = fake or not as interesting as you would want us to believe. if you want to sell an expensive item, be transparent and stop the bullshit.

Relax and scroll up. He was simply updating his thread, but the pictures are in the original post. Again, just scroll up and take it easy.

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