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TG16 Addams Family 'sealed'?

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I came across this copy of Addams family for the Turbografx CD. It is sealed but the manual (in perfect condition) was given to me separately, which is odd. Has this been resealed (if so, why would they reseal without including manual?). Was this a pack in? Does anybody have any idea? 



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On 7/4/2020 at 10:58 PM, rester said:




Hey Rester

To answer your question, Turbografx 16 CD games are sealed twice. The outer box is sealed, as well as the jewel/disc - with the manual just chilling inside the box.

So oddly enough whoever the original owner was broke the cellophane on the Addams Family box, opened it took out the game and manual but never bothered to break the cellophane on the game itself. Very usual. This niché topic has been briefly discussed on other platforms like PCEFX, but some of the old guard who remember opening TG16 CD games in the 90's have no recollection of CD games being sealed twice like this. But fortunately for me, i've had the privilege of opening a few sealed CD games this year. And all of them have been sealed identically to how yours is. 

It's kind of subjective to consider it sealed, my friend and I joke about sending one into VGA just to see what they'd do.

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