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FO/FT Nice shape Contra Force (NES) with Box/Manual/Cart


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I've been putting some stuff online here and there but I figured before going anywhere else with it i'd let people here have a run since I know people like to buy NES stuff. Here are some pictures, if any serious offers come through I will open the cart for you (I did this back when I obtained it so I know it's legit, but i'll let you see too) Please note the 2 mild punctures on the back, otherwise it's a beaut. I don't have an up to date trade list setup at the moment but I have interest in nice shape boxed NES/SNES/GB/GBC/GBA titles, so if that's an option you'd be interested in i'd be happy to make up a list, but otherwise i'll just field offers no worries. Having not done trades before i'd be a bit wary though unless there is some system in place to assure safety, as I can't imagine just sending this out with nothing on the hook. Paypal is my normal means of money transactions otherwise. Hit me up if you have questions or offers, but I'll want to field options.





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