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Gaming and Streaming life of Shipbroman twitch partner


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    • By PuppyWaffles
      I am obsessed with this game! Anyone else here wanna join? 
    • By Sumez
      Hey all, here's your chance to watch me embarass myself as I try to 1CC five different arcade games live, alongside a bunch of actually talented gamers who will also be completing games.
      The event will be ongoing all day, 15 hours from 9 in the morning (European time) until midnight.
      So that would be 7am Saturday UTC, or 3am EST for all the Americans, so just tune in whenever you feel like it. I'll be playing my first game 4 hours later, and it's a god damn tough one, fortunately the rest are easy.
      Here's the schedule (again, this is European time)

      Once we're live it will be at https://www.twitch.tv/the_shed_arcade
      And there'll probably be a Friday stream as well without much happening outside of people getting drunk.
    • By Deadeye
      @KHAN Games is back again with another NES marathon to raise money for Organization for Autism Research.  Tune in all weekend to watch and request games to play.  There are prizes as well, which you are entered into the raffle by donating.  Below are the links to watch and get more information.
    • By Gloves
      I've been mulling it over and have decided to try and stream on Twitch more often, seeing as it's been requested by a few of the folks that regularly attend my Extra Life streams.
      I'll update this thread with more info if I end up committing to a schedule or anything, but beyond that I'll let you know in here if/when I plan to do streams in general.
      If I'm online right now, you'll be able to watch here (or you can always check out clips from past streams!):
      .twitch-container { position: relative; overflow: hidden; width: 100%; padding-top: 56.25%; } .twitch-iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }
    • By Gloves
      This is something I've mulled around in my head for a bit and I'm curious the level of interest for something like this.
      Basically the thought in my head is roughly as follows:
      Build a small team of VGS members who stream their gameplay sessions on Twitch (or other) Not limited to staff, but vetted by them In other words, you can sign up for the team and we'd check out your content a bit, make sure it's appropriate (e.g. not just a hangout and chat session, we'd want you playing games), and then get you on as a content creator on the team Feature their streams on the site Maybe including some sort of live feed page which shows off who's currently online playing games I have two main questions for you all:
      Would you be interested in watching the gaming streams of such a group of individuals? Would you be interested in being part of such a "team" and "repping" VGS in a way?  
      Whether this becomes a thing is entirely in the air, I'm mostly just thinking out loud at the moment, and if it does happen the structure may well change. But it's something that if I just leave it in my head it has no chance at all so here it is. Let us know your thoughts!
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