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Homebrew Leaderboard Competition 2020 - Game 7: NES Virus Cleaner


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Homebrew Team · Posted

Homebrew Leaderboard Competition 2020 - Game 7: NES Virus Cleaner

Play Period: Friday, July 3, 2020 - Sunday, July 19, 2020

Use physical cart or download the rom here.

Up next is NES Virus Cleaner by Slydog Studios.  The wild adventure of your NES cleaning friend Clik.  Wait, you didn’t know that cleaning cart you had was for more than just brute forcing into the pin connector?  Well it is.  Behind the scenes Clik was cleaning your console of viruses lurking within the chips.  Now you get to control Clik yourself and rid those viruses for good.

Guide  the hero, Clik, in each level to clean up the spawning viruses,but be careful.  You are racing against the clock avoiding electric bolts, electric sparks, disappearing blocks, and a homing missile system.  Clean all the viruses on the level before time runs out and you advance to the next level all in hopes to make it to the end and face the main virus, Virii.  If you run out of time it is gameover.

Scores are revealed at game over or game completion.  

The round will begin July 3rd, hold off until the start because no score posted before then will be accepted. Please limit your posts to including your scores so as not to clutter the thread.


How to submit your score:

1. Scores shall be submitted by posting a picture to that month’s game thread.  Screenshots of a computer screen (print screen) are not acceptable.

2. The picture must include the entire screen and have your VGS user name within the picture on a piece of paper.   Username can not be added digitally to the picture.

3. Type out your score in bold on your thread post.

4. Scores must be submitted within the posted time frame.

5. Do not submit scores from previous runs.

6. Use one post for your score.  You can submit as many as you like by editing your original post.  You can bump the thread to announce your new score.



1. NTSC only, no PAL.  This will create a level playing field and not create differences based on timing.

2. OEM, FPGA, and clone consoles are OKAY.

3. Emulators are OKAY.  Play game at 100% speed.

4. No save states allowed.

5. Flashcarts (i.e. Everdrive / Power Pak) are OKAY.

6. No turbo or slow motion controllers are allowed.

7. No game genie codes.

8. Do not use glitches in the game to boost your score.


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Homebrew Team · Posted

NES Virus Cleaner Leaderboard

Username                 Score                   Date

Red                             82,750              7/19/2020

bertsampson            66,450              7/18/2020

Bearcat-Doug           49,450              7/19/2020

DriveShaft                 34,750              7/19/2020

ecmyers                    23,400              7/19/2020

Scrobins                    23,350              7/11/2020

Deadeye                    16,750              7/7/2020

JamesRobot              14,750             7/19/2020

Ausden                       6,300               7/19/2020

Edited by Deadeye
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Homebrew Team · Posted

With of the other games so far, anyone can join in, even if you didn't participate in the other rounds. 

I hope you all end up liking this game though.  It is one of my favorite arcade style homebrews. 

Also there is a sequel in the works 🙂

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30 minutes ago, Deadeye said:

Nice!  Glad you like it.  For time system, I like that you can recover if you make a mistake early on.  

Yes, gives you a chance to move around a little.  I was using the door at first, then when my score was almost zero, I noticed that you can't use the door when going for high score.

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Just now, Deadeye said:

One day left!

Get your scores in @Red @JamesRobot @zi @ecmyers @driveshaft @Richardhead @Ausden + anyone else I am missing / wants to join!

Damn I know.  Been on vacation all week and have had no time for Nintendo.  Don't make no damn sense.  I'ma try to knock out score tonight.  Won't be pretty though.

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