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New Game Acquired!


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First off, thanks @Megamanfan!!聽 I would like to say also, that you really shouldn't have done it 馃槈.聽聽

I went to open this box from good ole' Megamanfan:


Fine, I get it overpack and make sure it is safe 馃憤聽much appreciated!

When I lifted the box from the resting place by my desk, I thought it felt a little heavy.聽 You will see why I thought that in this pic.


This is what I wanted from him, minus the Nintendo sticker.聽聽

This is all the extra that I got, and I really laughed out loud when I first opened the box and seen why it was so heavy



Yes that is a toys r us sale ad and yes it is from 2017 馃槀聽.

Now I love ya Andy, but why did u do this?聽 You do realize that you paid extra for shipping and that this prolly tripled the amount you should have spent........maybe not tripled, but wtf!聽 I do appreciate it, but next time don't send all this so you can actually not spend as much in shipping 馃檪.聽 Thanks again for the game, I will cherish this until I am able to get the cib that you have 馃槈.

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