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Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn reprint without a manual?


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I have a sealed Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for the Wii I bought new from a local store 6 months ago.. It's lighter than an open copy I have. It was sold as brand new.  Did this game get reprinted without a manual? It's a Canadian version with English and French language on the back.

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There was a reprint. It has a different ESRB logo, 2014 copyright, and possibly a different Nintendo logo.

The second to last comment on this linked forum thread details what someone else found in a reprint:


It basically says there’s just a disc and a slip of paper telling you how to access the digital manual. It’s also in one of those lighter recycle symbol cases.

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Are you reading just the first copyright date?

This is the back of an alleged 2014 reprint.


I’m not sure if you can see it but it says “2007”, then a bunch of words, then “2014 Nintendo”.

This is an original print. Mine is just like this and has the manual.


You’ll notice that the same text only spans half the case and that both dates read 2007.

There’s also the fact that the first print was made in Japan and the reprint was made in the USA and possibly other subtleties that I’m not catching quickly off hand.

If that’s still not the case, I’m stumped without some more research.



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The back of my reprint looks exactly like the back of the one you posted with the following exceptions:

It still says 2007 Nintendo instead of the 2014 Nintendo date

The numbers beside the Official Nintendo seal are 64288C instead of 64288A

The small barcode is 00002 instead of 00000

I'll see if I can upload a picture for you

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I did find a crappy unboxing video of what appears to be a reprint. It’s not 100 percent clear, but it looks like it does just have a sheet of paper that isn’t in the other unboxing videos. Maybe the lack of weight in yours is because of similar contents?

I’m not suggesting yours is the same reprint, but it kinda looks like they have actually shipped without a manual. That lends credence to the case that yours may be legit.

And when you say that yours is almost the same as the one I posted - are you talking about the supposed reprint photo or the stock photo?

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Mine is the same as the reprint photo other than the differences I noted. I'm going to assume because of how light it is it has the sheet of paper in place of the manual. Interesting that during different print runs of the reprint they changed some dates/bar codes

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