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Contest going on right now! Pick your prize!


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This is something I use to do all the time on NA its quite simple I ask random knowledge trivia questions (I try to make it a question you have to guess so you can't Google it) and the first person to get 5 correct wins! You will get to choose one of the following items free of charge! Todays prizes are 

A cb copy of okami for ps2

A sealed copy of resident evil 7 for PS4

A modded raspberry pi with 1000s of games nes,snes,Sega,Atari (no power cord or controllers but does include HDMI.)


A modded psone classic with an 8bitdo(pair a PS4 controller!) And a crackhead pack with tons of great ps1 games including lots of good RPGs.(no power cord comes with HDMI)


If you want to join in just post "I'm in" when at least 4 people are in the thread I will start the game!



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