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So happy to find this website!

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Hey idk if anyone will remember me from nintendoage. I took a looong break and when I finally came back to check in the website was gone. I was really disappointed even if I didn't post alot in the past few years I would always check in to see what was going on or look for a good sale. So happy to see alot of the members here!

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Events Team · Posted
4 minutes ago, guillavoie said:

Welcome back man! Remember the username 100 %, but you'll have to dig out the old avatar as I can't recall what it was.

I'll second @JamesRobot, on the killer comeback, joined 7 hours ago, got 129 posts and a 35 pages long thread going, lol!

Best contest yet.  I vote that thread gets moved to the Events Archive.

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