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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3: Synthesis/Breeding Guide - English Patch Names For Ranks A, S, and SS


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Rank A, S, and SS monster combinations/monster list.

I can't find any synthesis guide for this game on the internet, so I decided it's time to create my own, especially since there is an English patch now. I'll be posting rank A, S and SS combinations since those are usually the harder to come by monsters. I will include pictures too when I can since just text can be confusing sometimes. Please please please add any combinations I don't already have in the comments section, or PM me. Hopefully the internet finds this thread useful. I will update this list over time.

You can also email me your synthesis combinations (especially any SS combinations) at dqmjsynth@gmail.com

EDIT: I did find a Japanese site with synthesis guides. While useful, it is still pretty confusing since the English names on the website don't quite match up to the names in the game. Anyways, here's the link to hopefully help you guys out! https://translate.google.com/tran...


Something else that might be useful towards the end game: After you beat snapped off, you'll get the sky riding ability, but the game doesn't tell you how to use it. You have to select and use the flight signal item from your item pouch. You can't just select empyrea to ride like you can with all the other monsters.

Other useful information: You can find Spitnik in the fallen city in the center only during the day. You have to get to the very top of the center spire, then jump directly up as much as you can. That's where Spitnik will be. You won't be able to see him from the ground. In addition, he will not appear in the rain. He appears when it isn't raining, and also when it starts getting dark. Spitnik is very difficult to scout btw. After you scout Spitnik, you can immediately jump back up and fight and scout another Spitnik.

The post game boss called Jormungandros is ridiculously difficult. He has a move called Scouter + which kills any monster in one hit, and it can target all monsters on the field at once. He's the hardest boss I've ever faced in a dragon warrior/quest monsters joker game.

EDIT: I finally beat Jormungandros. The key to beating him is you have to blitz him and beat him within 10 turns I believe. If you don't beat him in 10 turns, he uses Scouter+ which destroys all your guys in one hit no matter what you do. You'll need some S ranked or higher monsters at higher levels as well as reviving items and just full on attack mode the whole battle if you want to win. No messing around with healing and whatnot. Go all out and blitz him.



Rank A

Black Goyle = Metal King Slime + lots of stuff (such as small-fry).

Blue Dragon = Minewt + Minewt
Minewt = Coal slime + lots of stuff. Coal slimes can be found at Mt. Elpis.

Dark Sabercat = Striking Sabercat + Dark Star
Striking Sabercat = Pandora's Box + lots of stuff. OR King Slime + Mandrake Major

Dark Skeleton = Skeleton soldier + dark star
skeleton soldier = lots of combinations. Gigantis + lots of stuff is an easier combination.
Dark star = spitnik + funky feta
Funky feta = haardvark + spitegeist (both found in the wild.) Or demon cloud + whipped scream (both found in the wild.) Or lots of other combinations.

Darkonium Slime = Hybird + lots of stuff.

Darkwood Spirit = Sealamander + Mushroom mage. Both found in the wild. There are lots of other combinations to make Darkwood Spirit.

Doom Groom = Equinox + lots of stuff.

Drackyma = Drackmage + Lump mage
Drackmage = Lump mage + Mushroom mage

Equinox = (Snowbird + Snowbird) + (Firebird + Firebird). Both of these can be found in the wild.
Equinox can also be found in the wild (when you use flight signal on the islands in the sky (spirit road) when you use the sky riding ability) after you beat snapped off the first time.

Great Dragon = Liege Lizard + Elephant King
Liege Lizard = Demon Cloud + lots of stuff like lively lizard (found in the wild)
Elephant King = Leon Byblos + lots of stuff like haardvark (found in the wild)

Gracos = Gracolyte + Mammon. Gracolyte is found under water at Mt elpis.

Hybird = firebird + Mandrake monarch
Both of these can be found at Mt. Elpis

Ironclad Wartoise = Sealamander + Genie Sanguini. Both of these can be found in the wild.

Jamirus = Gryphon + Demon Cloud
Gryphon = Gigantis + lots of stuff
Gigantis can be found in the wild inside the iron ark.

Mammon = lots of stuff like slime + Sealamander. Both are found in the wild. Sealamander can be found in the sky when you use flight signal.

Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon + Gold Slime.
Metal Dragon can be found in the wild in the power plant.
Gold Slime = Gold Golem + Metal Slime
Gold Golem can be found by completing the challenge near the power plant when you fly up to the rock.
Metal Slimes can be scouted in various places including the same path you go on to get gold golem, and also the place in the basement of the center building where you use the metal disk.

Metal King Slime = 4 metal slimes to make 2 liquid metal slimes. You cannot make metal king slime using the liquid metal slime you get from the king Nochoro by trading in 30 mini medals.

Mystic crusader = equinox + lots of stuff

Royal Armoir = Pandora's Dresser + Mimic

Wight King = (wight priest + wight priest) + (wight priest + wight priest). Wight priests are found in the wild in the cave at Mt. Elpis.

Wyrtoise = Baron Knight + lots of stuff like lump wizard. Both of these can be found in the wild.


Rank S

Azure Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Emperor Slime

Belial = Balhib + Arch Demon
Arch Demon = Lethal Armor + lots of stuff. Lethal armor can be found in the wild in the Iron ark.

Black Dragon = Darkwood Spirit + Great Dragon

Blight Armor = Lethal Armor + Doom Groom

Calamity Blade Oren = (Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton) + (Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton)

Crimson Wyrm  = Mandrake Master + Darkonium Slime     

Dark Nebula = Mechan-o-wyrm + Doom Groom

Deepdraco Gilgeesh = Wonder Wyrtle + Gaia Dragon

Emperor Slime = (Darkonium Slime + Darkonium slime) + (Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime)

Elysium Bird = Equinox + Garuda
Garuda can be found in the wild (they're at the jail place during the daytime)

Gaia Dragon = 4 Mandrake monarchs which can be found at Mt elpis

Galbatross = Jamirus + Black Goyle

Gem Slime = (Gold slime + Golden Pearl Slime) + (Gold Angel Slime + Gem Jamboree)
Gold Slime = Gold Golem + Metal Slime (see mechan-o-wyrm for more details)
Golden Pearl slime = Pearl slime + Gold slime
Pearl slime = bad egg + lots of stuff
Bad egg = truffle slime + ghost (both found in the wild). lots of other combinations too but this one is easy.
Gold Angel Slime = Angel Slime + Gold slime
Gem Jamboree = Slime stack + Gold Slime

Godsteed = Equinox + Emperor Slime

△ Hraesvel = Hybird + Doom Groom

Jungle Guardian = Darkwood Spirit + Venus Guytrap
Venus Guytrap = Equinox + Lethal Armour

Jurassic Hell = Blue Dragon + Dark Sabercat

Kabalna the Divine = Totem of Urubea + Empyrea. Totem of Urubea is found on the roof of Darkiron Bastille. Empyrea is given to you for free after you beat Snapped Off.

Mandrake Master =   Baron Knight + Mandrake Monarch      (You can find both of these in the wild. Baron knight is in the darkiron bastille. Mandrake monarch is at Mt. Elpis)

Moonlight Shogun = Calamity Blade Oren + Mandrake Master.

Overkilling Machine =  (Balhib + Balhib)  +  (Killing Machine + Killing Machine)   
Balhib =  (dancing flame + frost flame)  +  (dancing flame + frost flame)

Pazuzu = Batman drill + Doom groom
Batmandrill = lots of stuff. An easy combination is frizzard + mangler.
Mangler can be found in the wild when you create a disc using the phrase Big Kandor Sparkling Disc. *Note, you can only create disks (discs, however they're spelled) after you beat Snapped-Almighty

Tactician Iddo = Mystic Crusader + Sealamander
Mystic crusader = equinox + lots of stuff
Equinox and Sealamander can be found in the wild (when you use flight signal on the islands in the sky (spirit road) when you use the sky riding ability) after you beat snapped off the first time.

Tomahawk = Axesaurus + Geodraco Baugaia        
Axesaurus = Geodraco Baugaia + lots of stuff.  
Geodraco Baugaia = Leon Byblos + lots of stuff
Leon Byblos can be found in the wild in the Core Depths.

Wight Emperor = Wight King + Mystic Crusader
Wight King = (wight priest + wight priest) + (wight priest + wight priest). Wight priests are found in the wild in the cave at Mt. Elpis.

Wonder Wyrtle = Ironclad Wartoise + Wyrtoise


Rank SS

Battle Axesaur = Jurassic Hell + Tomahawk

Belmud the Destroyer = Moonlight Shogun + Leon byblos.
Leon byblos can be found in the wild in the core depths area kind of up in the ceiling at one part.

Grancaesar = Black Dragon + Jungle Guardian

Phantomount = Godsteed + Wonder Wyrtle

Phoenix = Elysium Bird + Godsteed

Platinum Slime = (Gem Slime + Gem Slime) + (Emperor Slime + Emperor Slime)

Twilightmare = Empyrea + Godsteed

All of the below information was sent to me from a mysterious guy named Terry. Thank you very much for all the new additions. I will organize these in due time. Here's what the mysterious guy named Terry had to say:

When using the Metal or Shiny Disc, you can ride your monster to fly
over the hill, finding even more rare metal monsters.
After you got the Shiny Disc, you can find 1 Gem Slime every time you
use the disc. The Gem Slime is on the very north, east, south or west
hill. Beating the Gem Slime with fairy power x4 and the accessories
"Bracelet of Happiness" (Exp Boost+) and "Pendant of Happiness" (Exp
Boost SP) and the one time item "small lightbal" or "ball of light"
results in 4.680.000 Exp for your monsters (with fairy power x8 it would
be 9.360.000 Exp!). A Level 1 monster would be > level 50 afterwards.
Having a monster with the trait "early bird" would guarantee you an
attack on the Gem Slime before it could flee.

Many S and SS rank monsters can be obtained as disc mission rewards. Do
not waste your time trying to fusion all monsters. A fast way to get
many S/SS monsters by mission disc rewards is to create your own discs,
using the disc machine in Fallen City - Centre Building - B1.
For Code #1 you could choose any word (gold sign is better than silver
sign and silver sign is better than bronze sign), for Code #2 I used
"Kandor" (gold sign), you should use a word of type "Collect" (or
"Competition", see below). By choosing type "Collect", your mission will
always be to collect 2 (with gold sign, 4 with silver sign and 6 with
bronze sign) fairy powers in the world, but some of the worlds should be
avoided since it can take a long time in those worlds to find both fairies.
For Code #3 I used "Sparkling" or "Gorgeous" (both are gold signs),
which give you a monster reward for fullfilling your mission. Gold sign
will usually result in a rank SS monster, silver sign in a rank S
monster and bronze sign in a rank A monster. If you have the money, make
the disc level 100 right away, since your chances will be much higher
that you get a monster after completing the mission (max. chance is
62,5%, usually 50%). For a high reward chance, you have to find the
fairies fast, since you get a rank for your mission depending on the
time you needed. A low mission rank will result in a very low chance to
get your reward. The world in the disc is randomly chosen.
Those words can be collected by doing certain things in the game, like
putting 1000000 money on the bank in Fallen City - Central Building.
There are 2 ways to make much gold fast. The first way requires luck,
meaning it is possible to find gold harems or even gold golems in a
world of a disc you created. Defeating them over and over again will get
you a lot of money quickly (even more with accessories for gold boost).
However, I have never encountered gold harems or gold golems in hundreds
of discs I have created. Thus, the second way might be the way you wanna
go: create a disc with gold reward: For Code #1 choose anything, for
Code #2 choose a word of type "Competition" such as "Blue", "Rainy",
"Stormy", "Genius" (all of them are gold signs) and for Code #3 choose a
word of type gold reward, such as "Celebrity" or "Sparkly" (both are
gold signs). Your mission will be to race through a few checkpoints as
fast as you can. If you notice that your disc contains flying monsters,
make a new one. Flying monsters are very annoying because often you
cannot escape them and thus they will ruin your mission rank, since the
clock is ticking. The race should take max. 1 minute (for S mission
rank) and rewards you with 200000 gold.

Almost complete synthesis list:

Slime Family:

Rank A:

Darkonium Slime = Slimecicle + Coalslime

Gem Jamboree = Slime Stack + Gold Slime

Gold Angel Slime = Angel Slime + Gold Slime

Metal King Slime = Metal Slime + Metal Slime + Metal Slime + Metal Slime

Rank S:

Gem Slime = Gold Slime + Golden Pearl Slime + Gold Angel Slime + Gem

Emperor Slime = Darkonium Slime + Darkonium Slime + Metal King Slime +
Metal King Slime

Rank SS:

???????????? (Unknown Rank S or SS Monster)

???????????? (Unknown Rank S or SS Monster)

Platinum King = Emperor Slime + Emperor Slime + Gem Slime + Gem Slime

Metal Goddess = Platinum King + Ultimate Weapon

Dragon Family:

Rank A:

Geodraco Bauga = Mandrake Marshal + Mandrake Marshal + Mandrake Marshal
+ Mandrake Marshal

Axesaurus = Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Ironclad Wartoise = Elder Dragro.. [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK

Little Burner = Baron Knight + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Wyrtoise = Trikaceratops + Ironclad Wartoise

Blastoad = Expload + Expload + Expload + Expload

Volcanic Dragr.. = Ironclad Wartoise + Axesaurus

Blue Dragon = Minewt + Minewt

Sealamander = Sillimander + Voodoo Doll

Trikaceratops = Terrorceratops + Handsome Crab

Tyranoliner.. = Red Dragon + Striking Saber

Drakulurch = Terrorceratops + Sasquash

Bongobrute = Dragurn + Mars Mug

Great Dragon = Liege Lizard + Elephant King

Rank S:

Tomahawk Rex = Axesaurus + Geodraco Bauga

Mandrake Master = Mandrake Monarch + Baron Knight

Wonder Wyrtle = Wyrtoise + Ironclad Wartoise

Gaia Dragon = Mandrake Monarch + Mandrake Monarch + Mandrake Monarch +
Mandrake Monarch

Black Dragon = Great Dragon + Darkwood Spirit

Jurrassic Hell = Blue Dragon + Dark Sabrecat

Drakulord = Trikaceratops + Yellow Bellow

Crimson Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Darkonium Slime

Azure Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Emperor Slime

Gilded Wyrm = Mandrake Master + Gem Slime

Deepdraco Gilg.. = Wonder Wyrtle + Gaia Dragon

Pusugon the Mo.. = Bongobrute + Gem Slime

Tactician Iddo.. = Mystic Crusade + Sealamander

Valkeros of the.. = Deepdraco Gilg.. + Defender of the..

Rank SS:

Battle Axesaur = Tomahawk Rex + Jurrassic Hell

Grancaesar = Black Dragon + Jungle Guardian

Black Wyrm = Crimson Wyrm + Azure Wyrm + Gilded Wyrm + Coalem

Pusugon Awaken = Pusugon the Mo.. + Drakulord

Illusionist Fa.. = Tactician Iddo.. + Enchantress Gr..

Dragonlord = Grancaesar + Black Wyrm

Dragovian Lord = Dragonlord + Ramia

Beast Family:

Rank A:

Spiked Clubber = Crabber Dabb.. [BREAK Monster] + Fightgeist

Elephant King = Naumannborg + Naumannborg + Naumannborg + Naumannborg

Black Goyle = Seasludge + Axesaurus

Dark Sabrecat = Striking Saber + Dark Star

Maniacal Mole = Mad Mole + Booming Thunde..

Jamirus = Gryphon + Demon Cloud

Cat Liberio = Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss.. + Prism Puss..

Eqinox = Tantamount + Mammon

Drackyma = Drackmage + Lump Mage

Prism Peacock = Cosmic Chimaera + Garuda

Lunar Chimaera = Cosmic Chimaera + Lump Mage

Hybird = Firebird + Mandrake Monarch

Rank S:

Bird of Terror = Lunar Chimaera + Garuda

Yellow Bellow = Sasquash + Gold Cactiball

Special Browni = Spiked Clubber + Dark Sabrecat

Galbatross = Jamirus + Black Goyle

Silver Haardvark = Haardvark + Haardvark + Liquid Metal Slime + Liquid
Metal Slime

Orc Chieftain = Orc King + Gold Slime

Elysium Bird = Garuda + Equinox

Godsteed = Equinox + Emperor Slime

Empyrea = Elysium Bird + Bird of Terror + Astaroth + Target Boy

Hraesvelgr = Hybird + Doom Groom

Rank SS:

Phantomount = Godsteed + Wonder Wyrtle

Twilightmare = Godsteed + Empyrea

Tyrant Basagra = Leon Byblos + Poseidon

Phoenix = Elysium Bird + Godsteed

Phantom Galray = Tyrant Basagra + Belmud the Destroyer

Great Empyrea = Empyrea + Wulfspade Ace

Ramia = Great Empyrea + Wildcard

Nature Family:

Rank A:

Tentacular = Mimic + Fightgeist

Handsome Crab = Tentacular + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Icicle Beatle = Spiked Clubber + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Darkwood Spirit = Leaf Sprite + Dark Star + Leaf Sprite + Mandragore

Gracos = Gracolyte + Mammon

Rank S:

Stale Whale = Lleviathan + Darkwood Spirit

Gracos V = Gracos + Gracos + Gracos + Gracos

Dark Moth = Killer Moth + Darkwood Spirit

Poseidon = War-rus + Tentacular

Jungle Guardian = Darkwood Spirit + Venus Guytrap

Arachnida the.. = Icicle Beatle + Dirty Bubble

Rank SS:

Pale Whale = Stale Whale + Defender of the..

Giestlord Geju = Arachnida the.. + Pusugon Awaken

Devil Family:

Rank A:

Mystic Crusade = Little Burner + Axesaurus

Terror Troll = Stout Troll + Mammon

Double Hitter = Ba'al Zebub + Ba'al Zebub

Baalzack = Spiked Clubber + Spiked Clubber

Queen Ferz = Cyclops + Night Clubber

Rank S:

Dark Sanguini = Genie Sanguini + Special Browni

Trollciopath = Terror Troll + Queen Ferz

Pruslas = Special Browni + Special Browni

Target Boy = Yellow Bellow + Silver Haardvark

Belial = Archdemon + Balhib

Pazuzu = Batmandrill + Doom Groom

Atlas = Queen Ferz + Hammer Bammer

Mystic Juliant = Cat Liberio + Dark Sabrecat

Zaigas the Fiend = Pazuzu + Mandrake Master

Kabalna the Divine = Totem of Urube.. + Empyrea

Shaman Marline = Trollciopath + Pruslas

Zexen the Devil = Zaigas the Fiend + Wight Emperor

Dancer Pleshau = Mystic Juliant + Pusugon the Mo..

Rank SS:

Affable Black = Pazuzu + Defender of the..

Ziggy the Wick.. = Zexen the Devil + Battle Axesaur

Guardian Lazuv = Kabalna the Divine + Tyrant Basagra

Belmud the Destroyer = Moonlight Shogun + Leon Byblos

Enchantress Gr.. = Dancer Pleshau + Arachnida the..

Rinjara the Fi.. = Belmud the Destroyer + Twilightmare

Devil Dog Bren.. = Shaman Marline + Belial

Devil Dog Beli.. = Shaman Marline + Atlas

Zeldorado = Illusionist Fa.. + Phantom Galray + Giestlord Geju + Devil
Dog Beli..

Zombie Family:

Rank A:

Mammon = Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble + Scum Bubble

Dark Skeleton = Skeleton Soldier + Dark Star

Dragon Zombie = Mandrake Marshal + Healium Balloo

Swooperior = Corpsebat + Mars Mug

Mud Smith = Ghoul + Ba'al Zebub

Wight King = Wight Priest + Wight Priest + Wight Priest + Wight Priest

Rank S:

Dirty Bubble = Mammon + Mammon + Mammon + Mammon

Bones of Baram.. = Mandrake Monarch + Li'l Whizzer

Wight Emperor = Wight King + Mystic Crusade

Calamity Blade = Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton + Dark Skeleton + Dark

Moonlight Shogun = Calamity Blade + Mandrake Master

Rank SS:


Material Family:

Rank A:

Baron Knight = Propane Man + Fightgeist

Totem of Urube.. = Leaf Sprite + Fightgeist

Seasludge = Gloomy Globe [BREAK Monster] + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Robo-Reaper = Type G + Type G

Copper Column = Totem of Urube.. + Terrorhawk [BREAK Monster]

Doom Groom = Handsome Crab + Axesaurus

Holy Baron = Bilhaw + Snowy Sanguini

Emeraldon = Balhib + Little Burner

Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon + Gold Slime

Royal Armoir = Pandora's Dres.. + Mimic

Rank S:

Pandora's Box = None

Astaroth = Emeraldon + Pink Sanguini

Overkilling Machine = Balhib + Balhib + Killing Machine + Killing Machine

Blight Armour = Lethal Armour + Doom Groom

Dark Nebula = Mechan-o-wyrm + Doom Groom

Droll Roller = Grinade + Grinade + Grinade + Grinade

Coalem = Copper Column + Blight Armour

Uberkilling Machine = Overkilling Machine + Blight Armour

Defender of the.. = Doom Groom + Gracos V

Trauminator = Overkilling Machine + Overkilling Machine + Dark Nebula +
Dark Nebula

Rank SS:

Mazinger G.. = Uberkilling Machine + Uberkilling Machine + Gem Slime +
Gem Slime

Ultimate Weapon = Mazinger G.. + Trauminator

BREAK Family:

Rank A:

Liege Lizard = None

King Squid = None

Voodoo Doll = ?????? + ?????? + ?????? + ??????

Skelegon = ?????? + ?????? + ?????? + ??????

Cosmic Chimaera = Hocus Chimaera [BREAK Monster] + Cosmic Chimaera

King Crab = Crabber Dabb [BREAK Monster] + King Crab

Gigantes = King Squid [BREAK Monster] + Gigantes

Rank S:

???????????? (Unknown Rank A or Rank S Monster)

Prism Peacock = None

Volcanic Dra.. = Elder Dragro..[BREAK Monster] + Volcanic Dragr..

Mars Mug = Gloomy Globe [BREAK Monster] + Mars Mug

War-rus = Maulrus [BREAK Monster] + War-rus

Tentacular = King Squid [BREAK Monster] + Tentacular

Rank SS:

Gaia Dragon = Liege Lizard [BREAK Monster] + Gaia Dragon

Dragon Zombie = Skelegon [BREAK Monster] + Dragon Zombie

Mechan-o-wyrm = Metal Dragon [BREAK Monster] + Mechan-o-wyrm

Atlas = Gigantes [BREAK Monster] + Atlas

Archdemon = Prism Peacock [BREAK Monster] + Archdemon

Lleviathan = Atlas [BREAK Monster] + Tentacular [BREAK Monster] +
Mechan-o-wyrm [BREAK Monster] + Sancho

Leon Byblos = Gaia Dragon [BREAK Monster] + Dragon Zombie [BREAK
Monster] + Archdemon [BREAK Monster] + Sancho

Boshock = Lleviathan [BREAK Monster] + Orc Chieftain

Bundold = Leon Byblos [BREAK Monster] + Wight Emperor

Azamook = Lleviathan [BREAK Monster] + Amodeus

Itaburu = Leon Byblos [BREAK Monster] + Coalem

Estark = None

??? Family:

Rank A:


Rank S:


Rank SS:

J3-Rebel Wing = None

J3-Rebel Marin.. = None

J3-Rebel Axel.. = None

Sancho = None

Great Nochoro = None

Juggerwroth = Phantomount + Affable Black

Dr Snapped = Boshock [BREAK Monster] + Bundold [BREAK Monster] + Azamook
[BREAK Monster] + Itaburu [BREAK Monster]

Snapped-off = Dr Snapped + Demonlord Mortamor

Malroth = Pazuzu + Atlas + Belial + Archdemon [BREAK Monster]

Archfiend Zoma = Phoenix + Bones of Baram..

Psaro the Mans.. = Pruslas + Poseidon + Atlas [BREAK Monster] +
Mechan-o-wyrm [BREAK Monster]

Grandmaster Nimzo = Mandrake Master + Astaroth

Demonlord Mortamor = Galbatross + Gracos V + Guardian Lazuv + Rinjara
the Fi..

Demonking Orgodemir = Valkeros of the.. + Ziggy the Wick..

Dark God Rhapt.. = Zeldorado + Juggerwroth

???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster)

Corvus the Fallen = Dark God Rhapt.. + King Healslime

???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster)

???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster)

Estark = Estark [BREAK Monster] + Wildcard

Snapped-Almighty = Snapped-off + Wadatsumi

Wadatsumi = Pale Whale + Poseidon

Attihocc = ??????

Hoakari = Metal Goddess + Corvus the Fallen

Shadroth = Malroth + Archfiend Zoma

Disasterking = Shadroth + Estark

Dark Hero Anlu.. = Disasterking + Hoakari

???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster)

Snapped-Dragon = ??????

???????????? (Unknown Rank SS Monster)

Jormungandros = ??????

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