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First New Console In.....???

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I picked up this Intellivision II in the box yesterday.  I had decided sometime in the last year or so that I'd like to have one and had been waiting for the right deal to come along (Passed up a few Intellivision I's along the way.)  The person selling it said that they thought maybe it had never been opened.  The dollop of pizza sauce or something similar under one of the controllers was a pretty clear sign otherwise.  It only set me back $70 and works well accept in regard to one of two games I have for it so far.  A few months ago and several months ago I picked up copies of Frog Bog and Thunder Castle, respectively.  I've been very excited about playing Thunder Castle in particular.  The board in T.C. is a little loose and will wiggle slightly back and forth.  I've notice the same thing with NES games on occasion and those will often be a little tougher to get proper contact with in the NES's pin connector, but no major trouble.  In this case, I can only get Thunder Castle to work if I put a little weight on the end of the cartridge sticking out of the console.  Can't say that I want to have to do that forever, so if anyone has any tips for tightening up the game-board in the shell, my ears are open.  For that matter, if anyone has any interesting intellivision tid-bits of any kind at all that they feel like sharing that'd be cool.  I have a pretty good working knowledge of the games available for it -price/rarity etc. and some of its accessories but am by no means a scholar at this point.  Think it's been 2 - 3 years since I've picked up a new console and the prospect of beginning a fresh new game library is a thrilling one.


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Wow I had one of these as a kid! Brings back memories. It was unboxed though and I thought it was an Atari until a few years ago when I realized it wasn't haha. I remember it also had a second part to it that would plug into the cartridge slot on the side. Don't remember what that was for. Maybe for playing Atari carts?

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I got to it fairly quick, still I was a little surprised that no one else managed to scoop up such a nice working set-up w/box before me.


Yeah, it had an add-on module for playing Atari Carts, just like the Colecovision did as well as a "Voice Synthesis Module" that hooked in the same way I think, so that your games could talk to you, lol.  Somewhere or other I saw a demo of the later with what looked like some kind of war/strategy type game and it seemed like it might actually be half-way practical/cool.

Now, if only I could find a working Japanese Turbo Duo Console for that kind of price...

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Uff da, I totally forgot about posting this related question.  Not sure what this insert slip is for that came with my Intellivision II. 


I guess its possible that it's some random slip that has nothing to do with the console and just got stuck into the box along with everything else.  Not sure.  If anyone is familiar though, please drop me a clue as to what in flippin' perdition this thing is for, lol.

Special Charging Instructions For Energized Locking Socket.png

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