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Wanted: Madden games/memorabilia - buy or trade


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Hey everyone!

I’m finally getting back into the collecting game and my goal is to acquire every Madden game ever made CIB. I’m also going to go after factory sealed copies of my favorite ones.

I had well over 250 feedback on NA and a stellar buying/selling reputation.

I am literally starting from scratch here and obviously we all know Madden games aren’t exactly easy to sell, so I’m hoping to acquire these in bulk for a good price.

I am looking for excellent condition titles. Don’t want any major corner wear, crushing, wrinkles or anything like that.

Wanted list:

- Literally every Madden game CIB or sealed

- Madden memorabilia

Let me know what you have and how much you’re looking for - I’m in Pittsburgh and have PayPal ready to go. 

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Administrator · Posted
1 hour ago, MaddenCollector said:

So I went to both of my local exchange stores - not a single madden game under $4. Stupid COVID prices.

This also serves as a bump.

Blegh, that's just dumb.   If I see any of the Xbone/PS4 "Deluxe Editions" for a buck I'll snag 'em for you.

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