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Prototype Boba Fett Rocket-Firing - $225,000


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20 hours ago, RH said:

I know this is the definition of a holy grail forĀ modern toy collectingĀ but is this a fair price?Ā  I don't know.Ā  It wouldn't surprise me.


No, it's WAY overpriced. While it's worth a shit-ton of money, it's not worth $225k.

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2 hours ago, Bearcat-Doug said:

I wouldn't be surprised if someone paid $25k for it, but $225k seems really high.

Ya, I could see $25k with prices how they are. There is a handful of rocket fetts out there and they do sell for serious cash when

they come up for sale. There is a single known carded rocket fett from a toy show that I I believe was valued at $100k. I could be

wrong on that price though, It might have been more. What I'm getting at is that there is no way a loose graded on is worth more

than the only known carded one.Ā 

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