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4 Years Later — In Memory of Vince the Prince


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Hello VGS,

Today is Fathers Day, and for the Leo clan it’s a bit tough this year. On June 23, 2016 our lives were changed forever when my wife woke up to discover our son passed away in his crib right next to us.

We called him Vince the Prince, and he was one of a pair of twin boys. He was with us for only 394 days, but gave us a lifetime of joy.

He left footprints on our hearts, and we look forward to the day to be with him again. For now, Rest In Peace, Vince the Prince.



I didn’t come here to post misery though, instead I came with a request.

I want every father here in VGS to give their kids a big hug today. Go offline, and play with them for an hour. Buy them an ice cream cone, or just say you love them.

I also don’t want anyone feeling sorry for us either. We’ve made it four years through this hard time, and things are looking up for us.

Vincents older brother (by a few minutes) has no memory of his brother, other than photos around the house, and his youngest brother who never met him is our only real issue. My wife was pregnant with him at the time and we believe that the stress caused a hormone imbalance during the pregnancy leading to his non-verbal autism...even still, we are seeing signs of healing in him so things are going good for us now.

For now, I wish you all a happy Father’s Day. Make it one to remember 🙂

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Happy father's Day @ThePhleo . Like was said above, I remember when everything happened as well, and I'm glad to see things looking up.

Life can be funny and cruel at times, but I always remember that the good Lord gives us trials that He knows we can handle. 

As you said, let's remember this young man's memory, the joy he brought, and everything he contributed to your lives 

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Events Team · Posted

You can also add me to the list of people who remember when it first happened back on NA. That was easily the saddest thing I had ever seen on the site, but I am likewise glad that things seem to be looking up for you guys. You deserve the happiest of futures after all the hardships you guys have been through. I may not be a father myself, but the least I can do is to beat my father to the punch and give him a hug instead. Happy Father's Day to you too 🙂

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Must be one of the worst scenarios someone can experience waking up like any other day and your whole life gets turned upside down. It probably never leaves you completely but hopefully with time it becomes managable as you go on with your lives and the brothers get a regular upbrining having been spared remembering it.

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