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Early Micro Genius iq-1000 found and questions

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I recently got this Micro Genius from a guy that @OptOut and I know. I picked it up because I saw it had a full box, all the Micro Genius machines Ive ever seen generally are a top cover fitting over a styrofoam bottom, much like a Japanese famicom or super famicom.

Then when I got this, I noticed the serial number, 133. Okay, that makes sense, that might explain the box thing if this is just an early machine. Later micro genius models, such as the iq-2000, used a box such as the fc/SFC, just a top piece fitted over styrofoam, so it makes sense the full box would be the earlier design.

The one bit Ive had trouble reconciling though is the logo issue. Look at the logo on the box versus the actual machine. I don't think the machine had been mismatched, just because I have a later micro genius machine with the same mismatched image between box and contents. Simply put, I don't think they bothered to update the image. 😛

the only problem though is that I also have one or two micro genius machines with the (old ) logo shown in the picture, yet they have higher serial numbers.


9972992000_1592577716_thumb.jpg 6168920700_1592577724_thumb.jpg 1433874300_1592577721_thumb.jpg 8606979900_1592577738_thumb.jpg 

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Have you seen the logo style on the box console image before? If not, it may just have been a prototype unit? They clearly already used the logo from the console inside (top left of box, for instance).

I just opened up a brand new one of these (same box), and the console is just like yours FYI (serial # 10017###, don't recall the later numbers).

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Here's where things get weird.

I just dug my loose machine out, for this post. I actually had a second of these earlier machines, but sold it on the cheap to a buddy before I realised it was significant.

My loose machine is MG100140. Uses the old / original logo shown on the (presumably older/original) box.

Also, I see that the two serial numbers are not the same in length. The initial code I thought was model number (i.e. this is the MG 1000), but on the below machine we run into problems if we read it that way.




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Thanks for sharing! Another one to track down, I guess. Seems like they started the serials from 0 again when they manufactured the updated logo consoles, and clearly with larger production numbers in mind given the extra character in the serial number. It's still possible that this one came in different packaging, and that they just used a photo of this model for the packaging that we both have. I'll follow this model more closely 🙂

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