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FS: Indie Famicom Games PLTC and Dragon Boat


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Hey guys, finally have a bit more free time again so I thought I'd start selling some things online again.

This time I'm offering two locally-made indie games on Famicom. The first is PLTC, basically you're stuck in a hellish trippy club and need to escape. The stages get weirder and weirder as you go along. Initially you're in flashing lights, but then the club suddenly turns into a beach party where you're fighting dick canons and birds, in the sand. You even end up travelling into hell, all the while girls make suggestive passes at you. You're even collecting Mary Jane in one of the later stages.

The second game is a Dragon Boat racing game, it's just a short, three stage game to commemorate the local upcoming holiday in Taiwan. Sadly most of the races have been cancelled this year due to the covid-19, I guess that's the point of this one. 

PLTC - $50 (CIB)

Dragon Boat - $30 (CB)

Shipping worldwide is $8, with Taiwan registered mail. Please note due to covid-19 I am limited where I can ship at the moment (USA, England, etc) but I suspect things will be opening globally soon.

2651584500_1592576099_thumb.jpg 5561642100_1592576113_thumb.jpg 2427855800_1592576113_thumb.jpg 3169439800_1592576142_thumb.jpg 4077297300_1592576154_thumb.jpg 4259284000_1592576159_thumb.jpg 4700504200_1592576176_thumb.jpg 2022420400_1592576180_thumb.jpg 6811210600_1592576200_thumb.jpg 9086858700_1592576234_thumb.jpg 7505592900_1592576242_thumb.jpg 9842872300_1592576257_thumb.jpg 9493692100_1592576269_thumb.jpg 1704518600_1592576279_thumb.jpg 

Please note: PLTC, each cart is numbered, in-game. I can try to request some numbers if people have requests, though no promises.

Also Dragon Boat is only available through the Dragon Boat Festival weekend, which is next weekend. After that it'll be unavailable.


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Got around to opening my PLTC today and I can say it is totally awesome!

The cart had an issue, the board doesnt seem to seat properly inside of it. So I put the board alone into an fc-to-nes converter and it works great. Using the board alone contributes to the aesthetic. The irreverent booklet, weird box art, bare board, totally bizarre game concept and trippy music all mesh together really well!

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