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Coming over from NA. Hello!

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Been into game collecting since 2009 and been with NA since around 2011. I’m a Swedish immigrant living in the US. Hejsan!

Sitting at over 3000 games in the collection, but got most of what I have in the earlier years, back when every trip to the flea market meant low prices and bags full of stuff; constantly stumbling upon games and platforms I’d never heard of before. Those are some of my fondest memories with this hobby.

As I started to become familiar with most platforms and libraries, I’ve started to focus more on collecting and exploring obscure hardware, such as Amiga CD32, MSX, X68000, and FM Towns. I’m having a lot of fun delving into the retro computer stuff in particular, expanding the capabilities of the hardware with MIDI modules and modern add-ons.

I also particularly enjoy collecting console and handheld store kiosks, for which I have 27. It’s just about the only thing that gives me the thrill of the hunt now-a-days. I also have a smaller collection of 5 arcade cabinets that I’d like to expand on eventually.

Anyways, it’s good to be here. I’m more of a lurker, but you’ll see me posting from time to time. Trevligt att träffas!

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