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Purple Castlevania board. Is this a fake?

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Hey everyone! I recently bought a LOT of NES games noticed the back of a copy of Castlevania seemed odd with a printed number instead of a stamp. I opened it up and the board looks just like an authentic NES board but the only difference is that it's purple and not green. I've been collecting for a while and never seen a purple board has anyone else ever come across one or is this an oddly well done fake of a common game?

20200617_213736.thumb.jpg.0d81fc40f9aeda40c8a2d21633205adc.jpg 20200617_212830.thumb.jpg.50daec0db787a1fb6b2a29b72c7bc2ed.jpg 20200617_212839.thumb.jpg.b636deea753e919cdf430b220b4d2885.jpg

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4 minutes ago, DoctorEncore said:

Legit. Konami is one of the few companies that had their own PCB boards. Also, it doesn't really look purple in the pics, although maybe it's the lighting.

I'm actually colorblind so it might no be purple, BUT I know it's not what it normally looks like lol. Thanks for the info!

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