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Longtime collector, but new here

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Hello all.

I haven't been around game forums much since the late aughts, was very active on the Digitpress forums back then. It'll be a challenge to add forums back into my daily Internet routines, hopefully I can get the habit to stick. I like what I see here.

My original foray into collecting was NES in the late 90's. I was close to a set of carts back then, mainly missing unlicensed and SE of course. I never expected to really stick to collecting and sold a large chunk of it off before 2000 hit. Of course most of us can all lament silly choices like that with the knowledge we have now.  I worked for FuncoLand/Gamestop for close to a decade, so that was my main driving force to collect. I was around games all the time back then.

I've kinda meandered on since, grabbing things that caught my interest - hoping to have time to play all of the cool games but never actually having time to dedicate to them of course. I've never been much of a set collector otherwise, as time/money/space have pretty much dictated that I steer clear of such an endeavor.  Not as heavy of a collector as I used to be, as I'm doing the single parent thing these days and don't have as much time for it, but I do find that there are times the pendulum swings pretty heavily towards this hobby and I get those collecting desires I once had.

I'm still a fan of NES (back to collecting for it again), also have a fair number of Atari 2600, Famicom, PS2, and Xbox 360 titles. Sitting at over 3,500 physical titles at the moment. Could very easily be a much higher number without all of the sales I've done over the years, but only a few serious regrets among them all. I have most of those regrets in the form of an old cash trade-in receipt from FuncoLand from 1999 (Snow Bros. and Rescue Rangers 2 for less than $10 cash each? Ugh) I have a few heavies on different systems, like Snatcher, Burning Rangers, and Rule of Rose. Lots of desirables and mid-tier stuff in there, too. Fairly well-rounded, I suppose.

Just recently moved into a new house, so I've been working at getting things organized to my liking - and realizing that I have a ton more gaming-related stuff than I realized. Even still, I'm always adding to the pile, so I'd imagine these forums will facilitate that.

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4 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

Welcome buddy! I loved DP in the mid 00's, although gravitated towards this fine group of folks over the years in my internet lurking.

And I don't think I'd have even known about it without you guys and your podcast being my entertainment while commuting, so thank you! 

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