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NA class 2009 reporting in

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Heh, Most people I began with in NA were gone or barely posted anyways, so this will be a fresh start. For those who don't know me (most), my name is Jorge, from Mexico City. I began collecting in 2009 prompted by AVGN videos (classic). I had always played video games, and after discovering the fantastic world of online shopping I found a guy that was willing to exchange his NES with games for my old PSP, and thus my lust to get more games began. Right now I am focusing on having the perfect (in my view) retro gaming set up, and just the essential games for each console I decided to include in my now curated collection (but mostly playing with flashcarts and hard drive mods).



Also I am adding some neon signs.





Currently I have NES, SNES, N64, Wii, PS1, PS2, Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, PC Engine Duo-R, and Neo Geo AES. Looking to get Game Cube, and Commodore 64, all with its RGB mods, flash carts, etc, connected to a 20'' Sony PVM, and Sanwa arcade controllers connected to almost all of them.


What kind of person I am? I studied a Biology major, currently struggling to finish my PhD, and working on the side for a credit card company. I am on the gentle side, but appreciate dark humor, politics, comics, manga, anime (though I'm old school on that too). I hope this new stage in my forum dwelling will be also to renew my interest in this medium.

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