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WTB: Chrono Trigger reg card (or CIB), CIB Bucky O Hare, vintage computer games


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Not trying to lowball, trying to pay fair prices for this stuff so let me know if I'm off

Chrono Trigger registration card - Looking at maybe $35 for a used one or $60 for a mint unused one?

CIB Bucky O Hare - Looking for an 8/10+ copy. Will look at copies without the poster too. In the $450 range, condition dependent. Looking for one nicer than the $350 one that's been sitting on Ebay.

Vintage computer games  - If you have a list, I'd like to know. I'm looking for many from the 70s-90s, largely IBM PC, Apple II, TRS-80, and Commodore. Popular stuff like Oregon Trail, Microsoft Adventure, Prince of Persia, early MS and subLOGIC Flight Simulators, mail order Doom, up through newer stuff like Diablo II Collectors Edition and Morrowind Collector's Edition. Too many to list all my wants. Many of the old games are well into the $100s, again I'm not looking to lowball.

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