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Peace Love Trippy Club ITG Taiwan release


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I know I was talking to a few peeps on here about Cross-Straight independence, which was a previous ITG game released locally here in Taiwan. Anyway, my local game dealer friend knows the guys who work there, and wouldn't you know it he's got another for me! I thought that they were just like a one-and-done kinda thing, but apparently not! So anyway, here is the latest game from ITG soft right up the road from me, Peace Love Trippy Club...



It looks like something a hippy would have throw-up at mardi-gras! 🤣 I've been playing it a little, haven't had much time recently to delve into it. But, yeah, it really is trippy as fuck lol!




The floor is flashing and the music is like some sort of techno stuff, I'm pretty sure it gave me a contact high... Also, my dude is attacking with what looks like a broken bottle, reminds me a lot of growing up in Essex, lol! Obviously they are leaning heavily into the whole 18+ angle with the booze and drugs and boobs, and I, for one, approve wholeheartedly, lol!

Anyway, I think it's actually pretty solid I'd say it's worth a play this one! 😄

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@OptOut : You're waaaay too busy with your school, mate, give a brother some time to hang out!!!

Did you get this one from the brothers? I'd reckon the lady next door isn't keeping her shop up-to-date, lol. 

This one reminds me a little of the movie,  "Enter the Void", so much that could be talked about here. I know this stuff might end up on expo here in the future, I guess once the virus situation fully fizzles out.


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5 hours ago, Deadeye said:

@fcgamer @OptOut @Scrobins Does ITG have a website or a platform they post about their games?  Or an online store?

Thanks for the suggestions @Deadeye! Actually, you know I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've not really played a lot of homebrew stuff... I don't have a flashcart to download their digital versions, and generally cost of shipping for something like a homebrew overseas is prohibitive! I should really invest in a flashcart so I can get some of the (legal) download versions!

@fcgamer yeah it's the brothers store where I picked up these games, lol! Been so long since you came to Changhua, my bad bro! 😅 Next time you're in town you can come hit them up with me!

As for online, I honestly have no idea! I think they advertised there games in a magazine, that's what the brothers showed me, I've been meaning to ask them for a photo or a copy of the advert. I can't find barely a mention of their stuff online... I'm guessing maybe it's all in Chinese on Taiwanese websites or something?

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At one point they had set up a rudimentary website, as they has asked me to try to help them connect with western homebrew companies to try to market some of those games locally. Things didn't really take off though, at least that I'm aware, as supply chains were interrupted, and everyone's mind turned towards Covid-19. Maybe they'll go down this route in the future?

Yeah about online purchases though, everyone here just does bank transfers for payment (I mentioned this in the Astro Ninja Man page regarding the "sketchy" proxy I used), so it's a difficult situation I think

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