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Subscriber T1 · Posted

@Gloves A suggestion for feedback in the interim before a more formal trading system is in place. How about a sub forum of Buy/Sell/Trade called Feedback. Users can post a new thread for each transaction and add a tag with their trading partners user name. To view a users feedback, you would be able to search the forum filtered by the tag. Users could also create custom activity streams to display their feedback and share the link on their profile. That way, if they change their moniker they will still be able to show all feedback in a single search by adding both tags to the search parameters.

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Events Helper · Posted

I was thinking something similar, but in a subforum,  How bout you just start a thread and I start a thread in the subforum and then everyone can search for ur name or my name and see what all we have done so far with the feedback

This would have to be a nonspammed thread tho. and only open to those we do deals with 🙂


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