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11 hours ago, Tanooki said:

I used to have the top three, changed it out for the Trilogy.  It may not be SNES pretty but that password and original famicom level difficulty are very welcome.

Yeeess, but back in days we expected some new graphics hahaha



New add



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7 hours ago, Sir Centroid said:

Very nice additions! Always loved the Mega Man series. I've got to actually buy the Legends games one of these day.

Legends series are very underrated by CAPCOM, we need Legends 3 now... or at least a Mega Man Legends 2 remake (Not a legacy collection or that kind of shit)

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The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening switch Mini Collection


*3 Slurpee Cups (Canada)

*Dreamer Edition GAME

*Official Pre-order framed and metalized Poster (Canada)

*(promotional store ad) (México)

*3 Pre-order metalized postcards (México)

*Promotional Store CUBE (México)




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