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Exit Loop and Bovinium Quest available at MGC Online Store

Ferris Bueller

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Moderator · Posted

Thanks for sharing, Ferris!

For those interested in Bovinium Quest or already have it, our own @Deadeye posted in NA last year with some of the codes to unlock other characters in the game. Just don't try to Konami code!


Edit: In fact, I think Chris and my friendship began over Bovinium Quest!

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Homebrew Team · Posted

That's true.  I cold sent you a PM asking about the game.  You were so helpful.  I ended up picking it up.  It is a great arcade style game. Someone has to beat my score on the leader board.

From the code tread:

There are a series of unlockable characters that the developer shared on Twitter. Codes below. There is one additional remaining.

Press code input at title screen and then go to options to select.
1. Copper - up down left right select start b a
2. Eric Bischoff - up up down up up down up a
3. Arlo - up down up down a right left select
4. Howard Phillips - up b down b left b right b
5. ?????

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Homebrew Team · Posted

I wrote an email to MGC store and got a reply about the status:

"Expect shipment next week sometime. Final production is occurring now. As soon as it's done, we'll be shipping everything!

Thanks for your patience."

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