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Ebay switch game scam?

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So today I noticed a ton of new listings for Luigi's Mansion 3. Multiple sellers, all with multiple copies. All listed as new, and has the same item description even though different sellers. And way below market value. Are these legit? Did some cases fall off a truck and people clearing them out?







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Probably a scam.  I ended up getting caught with something like this back when Breath of the Wild came out and I jumped on a similar listing simply because I was short of cash.  Ended up having to wait like a week to a week and a half to get my refund when the seller never sent anything and never responded to either me or eBay.  After that, I noticed that things like this would pop up fairly regularly whenever a new "must have" game came out.  If you've got the money to waste for the couple of weeks it'll take to go full circle, you could always give it a shot and get a refund if/when it turns out to be a scam.

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