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Convention Quest: Now for sale!

Ferris Bueller

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I posted over on Twitter, but LPGE is on hiatus until further notice. Because Convention Quest was an event only exclusive, I hadn't really made it available for sale. But, since we don't know when LPGE will happen again (for sure not until 2021), seems dumb to hold it hostage indefinitely. So if you want a copy, I'm selling them $70 shipped in the US. I'll ship internationally if you'll pay for shipping.

@Gloves, much better.

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@Scrobins, thank you for that. The game looks pretty neat. Though, I am not really one for conventions. Large crowds bother me, so I try to hit any smaller ones in my neck of the words if possible. Unfortunately, it seems the smaller ones never seem to last very long. So, if I'm lucky I manage one a year maybe.

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You might like LPGE when it's able to resume after the pandemic, it has a lot to offer but wasn't as jam-packed as PRGE, though that might change as it grows over time. I also hate being in the midst of crowds and LPGE didn't feel too overwhelming. Heck, I was even able to find Ferris pretty easily to give him a copy of DW for his collection, show him my DW tattoo, and chat for a bit.

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