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Super Mario 64 PC port -- tried it? impressions?


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This seems to have become a hot thing to blow up all over google in the last 48 hours about now.  Seems for a stretch there has been a SM64 project going on to disassemble the game, learn all they could about it, and then make a legit tool for computers via an open source project.  Ultimately alone it's above board, but seeing like Doom 64 EX this uses the N64 ROM for all the assets, if you have it precompiled, that's not even gray area.  It got leaked out shortly ago both ways, and the sketch way is DX12 or an OpenGL side of things many OS's can use.

I've given it a shot and it's impressive, a bit annoying to use on a keyboard, but if you have an xbox360 / xinput style controller for the PC it sets itself up nicely.

It's clean, it's fast, very small file (DX12 version), and is overly lean to a fault but it works and speed runners seem to appreciate it as it is too.  It's smoother and more tight than any current emulator as well.  4chan which obviously I won't link for any good reason, they seemed to linked to the leak or at least hosting a master discussion on it and tying links to all the files in both ways.


I'd be curious if anyone found this and has some of their own impressions.  I think this may open some doors as there are other Zelda and Rare FPS style projects in the cooker coming up this year into next as well it appears.  Interesting timing given the massive data leak, but as odd as it is, they're not linked as it's coincidence.

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It's not choppy, so I'm not sure what you played it on.  The game has a smooth frame rate far smoother than the original hardware allowed, also up to 4K level video output too.  Some of the tweaks since it arrived has included camera, a full analog one instead of the static C buttons.  I'm using an original i7 2.5-to-3ghz gaming laptop with a 980M (equal to 970 desktop) 8GB video card machine and it's like butter and it's now 5 1/2 years old.

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