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Mario Party 7 Gamecube Bonus Set Bundle


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I have a 2 part question about this set ... if any one can help would be appreciated.

When i got it the seller said it should be all there. I had never seen it before, it was pretty cheap so i grabbed it up.

When i got home i took it all out and it appears everything looked good. the Outbox bonus set box, game, mic, extra controller and ...  I didnt really think of it but the gamecube system was in a white plain box (that looks exactly like a retail system box)

so When I started researching it was only able to find 1 listing on ebay at the time, and to my surprise the listing had a gamecube retail box with it, with a sticker over the bar code that said Part of "Dol S BB03 bundle"

so i was like well ok .. ill keep an eye out on ebay for a retail box with that sticker on the back ... one came up, i got it, i was happy.

So just for the heck of it ... i started looking the bundle up again and noticed that on the listings now, it came with a retail but the bar code says Part of  (Dol S MM09) and that matches the bar code on the outer box, so the retail box i just got is definitely not the right box ... so my questions are ...

1. Does any one have this bundle with the plain white inner box ?? the dimensions are exactly the same as a system retail box but there there are no identifying numbers or marking any where. Ill attached some pictures for reference. which even if plain white, i would think Nintendo would have but a stamp with numbers or something on it somewhere but maybe not, maybe this was a later release of the bundle and they ran out of boxes ?? Could it have been a resale shop, like gamestop or something that got it in a trade and just had a generic box laying around ?

2. what would the Dol BB03 bundle" box be part of ... i couldnt find anything about that bundle set.


mini_Photo Apr 30, 10 01 11 PM.jpg

mini_Photo Apr 30, 10 01 26 PM.jpg

mini_Photo Apr 30, 10 01 35 PM.jpg

mini_Photo Apr 30, 10 01 50 PM.jpg

outter box.jpg

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I don’t have this set but I would think the plain white inner box is where he actual stuff was and the outside with the graphics was a thinner piece of paper that slides over that white box, lots of companies do that. The DOLSBB03 model is referenced at Best Buy and seems to contain the same things you’ve listed. Are you concerned that there is more than one variant of this box set? Different models could reference the same item, just different because different stores carried it?


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From the pictures that I have seen and probably you’ve seen the same, it appears to just be a normal sized version of the game. Black label, non players choice. This eBay listing seems to be complete although missing your ghost box. 


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Ahhh ok a Best Buy exclusive.

Good thinking ... Your theory that there would be thinner wrap around the box seems very plausible.

Mine and every outer box I’ve seen online has the MM09 on the bar code. Most are poor quality pix tho ... I wonder if there is also an outer box with BB03 ?

And the MM09 inner boxes would maybe be a later non exclusive Best Buy version?

The BB03 inner box that I did get is definitely not a wrap around .. so there could potentially be 2 variants of that. 1 full printed with sticker and 1 wrap around insert.  

as far as the big box game, i have never seen that with this set, in any of the pix online  and I wouldn’t think it would because with that extra controller, there just doesn’t seem like there would be enough room in the outer box for it to fit. 

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