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1994 Snes Ken Griffey jr. Life sized stand up


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Hello I dug this out the other day looking for some old games for my Nephew who has become totally imeresed in the world of Mario ( too much time with quarantine) looked around and cannot find any info. So came here looking for help. I am  a guy old enough to remember what it was like when you couldn't save your game progress. And my son was 8 when I put this away. 



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I’m not sure what your question is but I have a picture of a complete standee.

Came out in 1994 had a big marketing campaign and lots of displays like pendants, posters, POP counter cards, counter mats, autographed baseballs, baseball cards, banners, and a standee. There may be more but I think that’s all I’ve seen off the top of my head.



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Is it complete?

Conservative estimate for a complete standee I’d say $350-$400 range but it’s sports, but also it’s Ken Griffey Jr who is really popular. My estimate could be high or low it’s just my opinion.

You could roll the dice and do an auction on eBay. This is what I would do, eBay has been crazy lately and you may get a few guys fighting over it driving the price up.

If it’s not complete I have no idea.

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Thank you I appreciate your taking the time to answer my question. I am a sports collector and Use a board called Net54 that is populated with folks that collect Baseball cards and Memorabilia mostly before 1948 ( prewar) but guys like Griffey and Jeter and Mike Trout show up in some way in most collections. So if I can help with something sports related I am happy to return the favor. And yes ebay prices for quality items have been strong lately.



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