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The Hunt Continues... WTB/WTTF - Not For Resales/Demos - N64/DS/3DS/GB/GBA


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Well, here is my NFR want to buy thread. Looking to do trades or pay for not for resales and demos I am missing. I do have tons of Not For Resales up for trade, so if you are missing any, we can work something out.

There are certain specific criteria for the games:
- They must be mint as possible especially the back sticker.
- The only writing that I am okay with is if the store name and number is filled out.
- Front label should have no extreme tears or hard damage at all. Small scratches and ticks are alright including sticker residue.

N64 Not For Resales

DS Not For Resales (USA)

3DS Not For Resales (EUR)

Game Boy Advance Not For Resales

  • Pokemon Leaf Green

Game Boy/Game Boy Color Not For Resales

  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Kirby's Pinball Land - back sticker only
  • Tetris - back sticker only

Gamecube Demo Discs (Must include case)

  • January 2002
  • Version 17
  • Version 21
  • Version 25
  • Version 26
  • Version 29

That's it for now! Thanks for looking.

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