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Two Game Boy Color Bundles - Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory

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Bam! Entertainment may have done it again. A few months ago, I started a thread and ended up uncovering a Dexter and Powerpuff Girls GBA combo pack that no one knew existed. You can see that thread here

Now we're working with Game Boy Color. I just found an old Amazon listing for "Powerpuff Girls:Battle Him/Dexter's Laboratory 2 Pak". Upon Googling, the only website I could find with an image of the game is called Game Gas. Game gas seems to be connected to this "independentcommerce" website that had this page, which doesn't give much except for a possible price the game bundle was listed at: $14.90. Now, when you go to this part of Game Gas, you can actually find a review from someone saying "My son loves Dexters and daugter loves PowerPuff Girls. This price can't be beat I wish more companies would sell them like this." Now, I don't know if this person was just prematurely reviewing the game or not. It seems like maybe they were just excited about the price of the 2 games together. But this review also could've been after they purchased it. No clue.

That's about all the information I have regarding that bundle. There are no sold listings on eBay from the searches I made.

And then I found another GBC bundle, this time for "Powerpuff Girls:Bad Mojo Jojo/Paint the Townsville Green 2 Pak" from that same "independentcommerce" website. You can see that site here. You can't see an image, but it does say "Buy new $29.98". Eventually, I was led back to Game Gas, which is apparently the only site in the world that knows anything about these two bundles. You can see that page here. This bundle does not have a listing on Amazon from what I can tell.

This is a little different than the GBA combo pack because that one was a totally different box with two cartridges inside. But I still find this interesting. I imagine this one could have been cancelled and never released, but we thought the same thing for the GBA pack.

Has anyone ever seen either of these bundles?


GBC Powerpuff Dexter 2 Pak.jpg

GBC Powerpuff Powerpuff 2 Pak.jpg

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Indeed they do exist.  I have both, unopened and and unpunched.  They are both a bit beat up, but still, there they sit as proud as day.  What an odd thing I have to finally contribute.  I don't have anything on their origin on actual store shelves , but there is a toys r us sticker on both.  The price tag on them is from a thrift store, where I got them.  There was no original price tag on them from a store.  I actually went to look at these again after the other PPG combo pack was mentioned earlier,  I was a bit disappointed I had the wrong combo pack.

Let me know if you have any other questions - or if anyone else finds any of these out there.  Cheers!



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It's not a collectors scene that people care much about and those games even less so because it's shovelware territory. There's a ton of those "movie" games with this or that chicken/rat/penguin that they slapped onto a game and they tend to be looked down upon.

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I am still interested in how this particular bundle is the only one to come up that I have seen so far.  @thatgamernerd  Is this the only bundle that you have run across?  I would assume there would be others out there if this is just a retail packaging decision.  Seems odd that this particular bundle is what you are after regarding information, and there aren't any others mentioned.  Have you seen any other similar packaging out there for GB/GBC games?  I didn't really look for these when they were on shelves, so I don't know.

I am not saying that I have something super unique here, but I think ending the discussion with - well retail bundles, done, seems different from what investigation typically comes out of this and the old forum.  

Having asked about a VERY specific SET of bundles, and then them showing up (with the exact same games bundles together - plus a soundtrack in the left bundle, which you can see on the bottom of the back side pic) seems like this was a planned bundle by the developer/publisher to me.  Perhaps not, but who knows...?  Would a retailer bundle a soundtrack just to offload games that probably weren't selling already?  Maybe - I have no idea.

On that note, did retailers bundle games like this often?  Would a retailer go through the effort to purchase this packaging, which has clear plastic on the front and back, just to offload some games that were not selling and include a soundtrack?  Throw more money at a probable loss...seems unlikley, but I don't know.  I really have no idea, but would like to know if other games at this time showed up with this type of packaging.

I'm bringing this up again out of curiosity.  I don't really care about the games/bundle.  Don't care about value, etc.  I just think that there is probably more to the story here than just a retailer making the decision to bundle some games.

I ask the question again - extra packaging, included soundtrack, and games matching the exact bundle you asked about originally.  Seems like this is more planned than just a retailer throwing stuff together to get rid of them.

Would love to hear more thoughts on this, especially from folks who really do the deep dive in to collecting for the GB/GBC/GBA.

Once again, don't care about value, and not a hype my item thread.  Just would like to know more about this and other bundles.




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@GoMordecai Yeah, this is the only one I’ve seen. And yes, this is the only one I’ve seen that is packed in this vertical package style, but I’m no expert GBC collector. 

It would bring me nothing but joy to uncover some mysterious backstory behind this bundle. I have not done a ridiculous amount of research but a lot of what you’re saying makes sense. 

I’ll do some more digging and and update this thread if I find anything, you do the same!

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