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Need help authenticating Jack Bros. for Virtual Boy (US Version)

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Does anyone have pictures of an authentic/original CIB Jack Bros U.S. version they can show? I see on eBay there are fake/reproduction box and manuals being sold that look convincingly real. Anything i should look for? I am purchasing a complete in box copy and need to be able to authenticate all parts of this item in time. Please help


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I could do it, I have the entire library.  Did you want to post an image of your game sticker and board, and I can pop open mine and take a look to compare.  I don't have the instruction or box, but I do know a fake from a real one, there are differences, some subtle, some not if you know what to look for.  A less subtle one is the color balance being off, and another being the image shifted a bit to one side from normal.

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