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Complete KOEI NES CIB set, with sealed Gemfire!


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For sale today I have my complete set of KOEI RPG games for the NES.  Gemfire is sealed but has some major damage, the bottom corners have some crushing and the upc shrink wrap part was cut and the UPC was scribbled out.  Condition is as shown in the pictures.  If you have any questions please ask!  I’ll probably be posting some more high end games here in the future.  $1500 for the KOEI set.  Shipping calculated by location, I will do international shipping as well.  








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Looks great.

Side note, I love the ambition represented by a complete KOEI set. For at least 25 years "Literally any KOEI game" has been in the top 5 on my One Day I Will Learn How to Play This list. Then I finally convince myself to plug in a cartridge and it's, "Hmm... Ok, maybe the next time I have a free week or two I'll sit down and figure this out." Which of course never happens. One day, though, one day... I will finally play one of these games.

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