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Where's the love for Sega MD bootlegs?

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Famicom / NES bootlegs are hot, even Game Boy stuff has a nice following. But where's the love for Sega bootlegs?

Recently I've been tracking down and making a list of titles that were localised for the Taiwan market. The boxes were altered to include Chinese titles, some even came with simple manuals translated into Chinese.

Several strategy games (think KOEI type stuff) also ended up with unofficial Chinese translations.

And of course there was a handful big about 100 original games coming out of Taiwan for the Sega, of varying degrees of quality. Many were quite fun though.

Similarly, multicart offerings on Sega are much more infrequent to those appearing for the Famicom. 

Sega Mega Drive did receive a large amount of generic bootlegs too, but I think there are definitely many interesting aspects here, which I'm surprised haven't caught the eyes of many collectors yet.

Does anyone here have an interest in this side of the Sega story?



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I have a mild interest in the combo carts but not really actively seeking them out. Just mainly building up a few here and there during my random purchases. I think the Sega bootlegs aren’t too popular among Western collectors because the carts and cases usually look cheap and in non-English. Also, too hard to know the rarity of the bootlegs so hard to dive deep into the collecting scene, unless living in Asian countries of the bootleg origins.

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