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how often does a nes test station show on ebay and what do they go for??

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Someone was selling the PAL M82 here not too long ago, I think he was asking $3k. Haven’t seen one on eBay in awhile either and I’m not sure how it would be priced. Probably very expensive as the people who have them know there worth, hardcore collectors would definitely pay to have one. $5k seems a little steep at this point in time but hey crazier things have happened.  

edit a pal version sold on eBay not to long ago for about $1,400 and the complete M82 display is up for $35k (damn)

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Ya it seems like its more of those deals that go down behind the scenes. If your looking for one its better to just get your name out there that your looking for it. Personally I would love to get an M82 and a test station but have to wait til I have a bunch of extra funds kicking around to even start tossing my name into the pot 

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There was never a whole heck of a lot of them. They were only in the hands of people at Nintendo Authorized Repair centers, and there weren't very many of those around as you'd think (plus, some might have used test carts instead.) The only people who had access were repair dudes, and I can't imagine a ton of them suddenly caught the collecting bug once service and parts for the NES dried up. So the few that weren't disposed of ended up with collectors, through private deals as said. You had to know someone who knew someone.

M82s were on the floor of stores, so a lot of people's first experience with the NES were though that. Since there was better access, more of those were either squirreled away by employees or bought by enterprising collectors when the NES stopped selling.  

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On 4/28/2020 at 7:30 AM, jonebone said:

One ended on eBay around $2-$2.5k IIRC about 3 to 4 months ago.  Seller was member on NA maybe even here if he wants to chime in.  That was your chance though, these items never go to auction and are always held at BIN OBO by a seller who wants to move. 

2.5k isn't bad for now to be honest.  Thanks for the info.

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