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My big little game room (pic heavy)

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I’m packing up my game room for a while. We need the space. Not to worry though, I’ll be moving to a bigger room in my home later this year. 

But now I have occasion to take a few pics and share before packing it all up. 

I started out as a full set SNES collector but have since moved away from it and pared the collection down to what you see here.

It’s a small collection, but then it’s a small room.

You’ll find the typical basic bitch shelf candy BS here, but I also have a couple legitimately rare pieces too.


GAMING SETUP: SNES and Saturn connected to a Trinitron via HD Retrovision Component cables. Picture quality is amazing! Also have a GameCube connected via S-Video.


The Exertainment 9XS Bike


Pikachu statue, supposedly a promo item used during the launch of Pokémon Yellow



Star Fox banner. What makes this cool is the removable “Competition Here” ribbon banner.


Kiosk with Star Fox Weekend cart


Lighting in this room SUCKS, hence the Christmas lights. Thought about installing some proper fixtures but like I said I’m not gonna be parked here too much longer.



Ugly DKCC cart

Gratuitous shelf candy shots forthcoming





My Earthbound shrine including poster, ruler, and air freshener


Theres another wall/shelf I didn’t photograph, but it’s not that interesting. Just GameCube and 3DS stuff, a small collection of SNES CIBs, comics and TPBs, strategy guides and magazines, and mess of DVDs.

Thanks for checking out my collection, guys.

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10 hours ago, Bubbapauls said:

Nice collection. My favorite SNES era Standees are Super Metroid's Samus and the Donkey Kong Country. Have you ever seen the animated DKC Standee where he moves the barrel above his head? I've only seen one but I lost the old video of it running. It's on YouTube somewhere.

Yeah I’ve seen that motorized DKC standee. It’s gorgeous. Never seen it for sale. I’m hopeful that I’ll one day find the Super Metroid standee though.

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That looks awesome.  Sorry to hear you have to pack it up.  I'm in the same boat as I'm currently finishing my basement, and most of my gaming systems are unhooked and packed up.  In the long run, hopefully you will be better off because you have a lot of BIG items in a little area.  You definitely make it work, but if you eventually have all of that in a bigger room, it will probably look even better.  

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