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Saving a Draft for Topics


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So, just wrote a rather large post and could help finding myself wanting a 'Save Draft' feature to save a long writeup, or tutorial. Some topics simply require a lot of time and effort to create. I got about halfway into writing a post and realised, "crap, I better not close this tab or all this will be gone" 

Would be nice to have, but not all forums have it so I also understand if hard to implement. Using a separate notepad works well too. 

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The site automatically saves drafts for you. Should work for all content types. Try it out - start typing something somewhere, navigate away, then come back to it. What you typed should still be there!

Disclaimer: It's SHOULD work like that. Let me know if not! 

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According to the Invision Community website, the maker of this forum software:




Auto-saved Drafts

Invision Community will automatically save drafts instantly for all content a user types, so that when they come back later they can continue, right from where they left off.



I can say that this is true. I typed part of a response to something, decided against it and left the page. Came back later to type a different response, and my original response was sitting in the Reply box waiting for me. I also made a new topic, typed the title and some text, and X'ed out. I went to create a new topic again, the title text was missing, but the body text that I typed in was still there.

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