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Original Gameboy console contents


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7 hours ago, TDIRunner said:

I'm pretty sure that's where the original batteries were kept.  Also, it looks like you might be missing the link cable, because the cable on the right doesn't look right, although it's hard to tell though with the plastic.  

Okay I’ll try and reference the cable what is in there. Thank you.

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I've actually got a pair of complete systems from different years, the most recent picked up locally a few months back.

You should have a top to that styrofoam to close that up nice and flat.  The empty area is where the batteries go.  The link cable should be there in the longer slit in the molding there in a bag and have a twist tie black around it to keep it snug inside.  Also inside is a smaller bag and that again twist tied is the quality earbud headphones.  Tetris is where it should be there, your foam is upside down though in the shot as it would sit at the top right (and the game is in the case reversed too.) 😄  There also are a variable pile of papers that end up in there too depending on the year/month it was done.  You'll get a system manual, warnings manual, NP ad/sign up piece, a tetris manual, and I think another piece or two.

I've attached an image, this one is circa 1991-92 if I recall correctly, the recent one is from 1989 launch and I just realized I had a pic I took of that too, so that's picture number 2.  I got the first one in 2016, the other was just 2 months ago in February.  Yeah the papers are overlapping a bit, it was more for my fun of taking the shot than accurate documentation but there it is or I'd have left the top bits of the foam in the shot too.



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