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Favorite 8 bit chick (respectfully)

docile tapeworm

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29 minutes ago, mbd39 said:

I almost put Dark Queen from Battletoads. She's up there as well. Also there's Samus from Metroid.

Sega: Well NintenDON'T, we see your Samus and raise you a Alis.  First ever female "quarterback" (what I call the lead character in these kind of games) in a RPG!  And none of this hiding her identity with the generic he-pronoun in the manual crap either!  Our Alis is in your face and ready to kick ass and take names! 🙂  And her game even has cool 3D first-person perspective dunegons (so you better "make your own map to guide you"; preferably with proper grid paper; it's the kind of paper we base our cool futuristic looking boxes on)! 🙂  

Even the Master System does what NintenDON'T! 😄 



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54 minutes ago, RH said:

You guys are asking a question I never even thought to ask... Samus, I guess? Maybe Fuji from Final Fantasy Adventure.

I don't know.

How is it we in the US get all three GB Final Fantasy Adventures but not FF2 and FF3 for the NES?  As well as FF5 for the SNES?


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20 minutes ago, Estil said:

How do you like her SNES look compared to her NES look?  And she is kinda cute 🙂 

Haven't played the SNES one, so I'm basing her strictly on the cover of the NES box art (and not the actual character design, as depicted in the Japanese DQ games)

I do like her actual original look, as I do like Toriyama's artstyle, but the western-based Moonbrook was (and still is) the best IMO. 

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