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Love for demo/sampler discs


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I remember a while back I went looking on ebay for a case for my loose Double Dash disc. I found someone selling the case that came with a bonus disc with 4 or 5 demos on there, and I thought that was so cool. I bought it and played the demos over and over. This wasn't even that long ago, it's not like I was a kid with no access to full games. But for some reason I loved that thing. I showed it to my brother in law and he was like uhhh, great.

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25 minutes ago, LostLevel83 said:

For me and my brother it was a sampler disc that had PaRappa the Rapper. Love that game!

What demo/sampler disc helped shape your gaming?

OMG! I played that PaRapp demo at least a thousand times! I never owned the game but have a nostalgic love for it to this day. I think there was also a demo for I.Q. on that disc which I also adored.

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